Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tyler's Toy Gun

Mimi bought Tyler a toy rifle. She also introduced him to the weep fest that is Old Yeller. In this movie Travis the oldest son has to take care of the family farm while his father is gone on a cattle drive. Thus opening the plot for Old Yeller to come into their lives. Travis has to shoot the cow, Old Rose, after confirming she has rabies. 

Tyler does not understand why this takes place, he just knows that the bad animals are shot (the rabid animals and the mean animals that attack humans). We try to explain that it is because of disease that it has to be done. 

No matter how we say it, all cows must be shot in his mind. Our family is avid hunters so this is not something that we tip toe around with him. It is a fact of life and he must learn one way or another. It is just funny to see our 2 year old so engrossed in this movie and how it has changed his view of the animals that are on the farm. Even in books if an animal looks angry he will point at it and explain to me that it is mean and to shoot it.

Here he is showing me how to shoot those squirrels off the back porch. He is very entertaining lately with the hunting stories that he comes up with. I love his wonderful imagination and the fact that he is trying to take care of our farm. I will keep explaining the fact of life and one day he will be a wonderful little hunter with true hunting tales.

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