Friday, May 18, 2012

He Can Open Bottles of Lotion

In our guest bathroom, which is Tyler's bathroom, I have travel size lotions, shampoo, and toothpaste for guests that forget something.

Tyler can now see and reach into these drawers. I love him so very much but the little booger was into everything on Sunday night. I had already shooed him on from the pantry, after I found him with his hand buried in the pinto bean canister.

I was trying to have a short conversation with Tony before I read to Tyler and put him to bed. He must have sensed that his time was short for mischief. I stopped the conversation when the house became a little too quiet.

We walked around the corner and found him applying ample amounts of lotion to his face. He said, "Feel better... team (for cream)." He must think that I apply lotion to his bottom if it gets a little red because he thought he was putting diaper rash cream on his face.

There was lotion on the floor and on his shirt and down his arm. I had to throw the little bottle away because he pretty much emptied it on his self. I love being a mom, I really sincerely do.

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