Thursday, April 19, 2012

While Reading...

A year ago. Looking at a book while going potty.
Lately, Tyler has been throwing new word combinations our way. Last night I was caught off guard and complied with his request immediately.

After I read a few books we rock, snuggle, and sing silly songs to each other. He must have sensed that I was getting ready to hug him up and carry him to bed. He looked into my eyes held up his little pointer finger close to his cheek and said, "One more?"

Gasp! I Melted! He wanted me to read him one more book! He asked for one more book! It was amazing simple request, but the combination of my sweet boy and the fact he wanted to extend his time with me by one book was... it is beyond words. So I read another book to him with much pleasure.

The only thing that could top that would be, " I love you very much mom." I would have then cried, gave him a big hug, and fetched him the whole batch of rice krispy treats.

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