Monday, April 16, 2012

Jam Packed Easter Sunday

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we dye eggs. This did not go smooth. We dropped an egg before it was able to get a pretty color. I knew this would happen. Tyler was bound and determined to do it his self. 

This was awesome except for the fact that he constantly wanted to check on how the eggs were doing. This slowed the process tremendously and the fact he wanted to move the cups. Thank goodness we were doing this outside.

I was not happy with the dye though. Next year I will spend a dollar more for something a little bit better.

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny delivered a basket full of golf balls, a toy, and hid eggs with candy in the living room. Once he realized the eggs contained candy he would say, "Oh boy, candy!"

We were in a hurry to get ready for church, so this was a free pass for Tyler to eat candy for breakfast. He only gets this joy on Christmas and Easter Morning. Believe me he loves this almost as much as the toys.

After the morning service we went to Tyler's cousins Easter Program and then ran home to get ready for lunch. After lunch the boys hid eggs for Tyler around Memaw's yard. 

That pink egg in the tree was the hardest one for Tyler to find, but he eventually did. He was shaking the eggs and looking for candy still. I had to explain that we already emptied the eggs of candy. Aw-man.

Not to worry though he was happy to run around the yard and find all the eggs that he could. It made it that much more fun to do so with the boys.

Then we broke out the bubble wand and played with bubbles. Thank you Uncle Ted, Aunt Kimmy, and boys for the bubbles. We have had a lot of fun with them.

Our marathon of Easter festivities continued with my side of the family. We visited Nanny and Pappaw Banks,  Mammaw and Pappaw Brigmon, and Mimi and Paw. We hid eggs and played in the yard. It was nice to soak up the sunshine and enjoy being outdoors.

Tyler was on a sugar rush all day and enjoyed every bit of the attention that he received.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. 

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