Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First NHL Game

This was a first for me and Tyler. We went to go see the Carolina Hurricanes and the Florida Panthers play at the RBC Center. We had such a good time. Only a few minutes into the game Carolina scored a goal and  of course everyone went crazy! It was super exciting, Tyler just did not know how to react. I snapped a pick with my cell phone.

I could not get him to stand he was too busy watching everyone act like a fool over our first goal being scored so quickly. We tried to get him excited and at least smile but he was pretty side tracked at the time.

Once the first period was complete they played a game with the mascot on the ice and then the Zamboni came out to work. There were two of them and they were sponsored by John Deere and had hoods that looked like something on a tractor. It was by far Tyler's favorite part. When they left I told him they had to go get gas. Although I am pretty sure that they don't run on gas inside an enclosed arena. I assured him they would be back and this made him satisfied him for the time being.

Of course the golf club accompanied us to the game, which kept me on pins and needles that he was going to accidentally hit someone with it. It was tight quarters and the chances were great that the club would connect with someone. When it finally met it's victim it was an unsuspecting lady sitting in front of us. This was not her actual seat so Tony justified it as, "Well she should not have been sitting there." We were lucky that we were on the very last row of the bottom section and no one claimed the seats directly in front of us. Tony and I sat on each side of Tyler to take any hits. That part was stressful for me.

The rest of the game played into Carolina's favor and we won 4 to 1. We had fun cheering and it was such a nice night for a hockey game. By the way, who knew that people tailgated for hockey games? I didn't.

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