Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family JB Moto-Racing Weekend

Last weekend we visited Carolina Motorsports Park to watch my brother Jason race. He takes part in the Championship Cup Series here in the Southeast. We were running late as usual and Jason was nervous that we would miss his first race. It worked out though and we were able to make it in time to talk with him before he suited up. 

Here he is taking a practice lap and getting ready to line up.

I had never seen him race and it was so much fun to watch him take off. Tyler was in awe of all the noise and how excited everyone was.

Jason had to show off a little for us. He was in first place here and doing very well.

This race had an accident in it and then a red flag. When this happens they have to ride into the pit, take a practice lap, then line up again to take off. This actually benefited Jason.

Tony and Tyler stayed at the fence so they could video Jason coming back around.

Here Jason passes another racer. We were so thrilled to see this happen right in front of us instead of across the race track.

I tried to take pictures of everyone having fun. Tyler had other plans.

Jason came back in after his win. Everyone was congratulating him and patting him on the back.

We went to go say hey and good job as well but it was kind of a frenzy to get his bike set up and the tire warmers back on.

I stayed and snapped a few pictures and then left him to finish his work.

This is the smile of a winner. He knows he's fast.

We all laughed and enjoyed his win together. 

Mamaw came to watch as well. I would ask her what she though of it all and she could not describe it. It was loud and confusing, that's all she knew.

Jason was not racing here, we were just watching all the other races from our shady spot over in the corner.

Tyler with Mimi. He had so much fun running around and playing.

We got to go to watch from the pit area. This gives a different perspective for sure. Jason is number 125.

Once again he left the race track holding up number 1. It was another 1st place finish.

Tyler enjoyed watching all the races and snacking on 'mar-mellies'. That's what he calls marsh mallows.

We would hang out and enjoy the great race weather. It was actually a little cool in the shade, but we had plenty of time to talk about the race and have fun as a family.

Number 1!

This was towards the end of the day. Jason had the last race of the day and it was getting late. Tyler managed to make it through the day with no nap.

By the end of the day everyone was tired. Especially Jay, but we managed a few pictures with everyone.

Jason had 7 first place finishes and ran hard with the experts. He had lots of support and I think that helped as well. If you want to learn more about the races and see more pictures go to

We are gearing up for the second half of his race season and we are looking for more support. Contact us about sponsoring a race along with SuperBike Supply, Hair Razors, Dunlop, Silkolene, and Twisted Images.

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