Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tyler's New Reading Corner

I have switched the furniture around a little bit. The books were definitely taking up more and more space so I decided it was time to take them to his room and get story time a little closer to his bed.

Tyler has taken it a step further and now he wants to exclude me from his corner. He really puts up a fight to share his seat with me. He will tell me to sit in the floor and will only let me read when he is ready. I try to laugh it off but my patience will run a little short some nights and I gather up his blanket with him in it, sit and place him in my lap, and then start to read. I usually have a toddler in a crying fit after doing this, but it usually subsides quickly when I explain to him that the longer he cries the shorter time I have to read to him.

I love that he wants to read, I just hope that he realizes that I like to read to him just as much as he likes to sit in his little corner all by his self. Mommy just wants to be included.

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