Friday, March 2, 2012

Sick Kid

I hate when Tyler gets sick. He has only been sick twice so far that I have been worried enough to take him to the doctor. He is doing a little better now. I can measure this because he is now carrying his golf club and golf ball. Yesterday was another story.

After a long night of up and down, crying, and plenty of snot and coughing we were all still exhausted. We decided to take him to the early morning walk in clinic. He stayed snuggled in our arms the whole time not moving but to cough or ask to be held by dad or come back to mom. He was burning up with fever and would not eat a bite. We could only get him to drink orange juice and even that was a struggle.

After 2 hours of sitting in the waiting area and then waiting in the examination room we were told that, Tyler did not have the flu but he could possibly have pneumonia. We were then sent to Mission Children's Hospital for chest x-rays. I was very worried at this point. Tyler remained lifeless and refused to eat. We picked up lunch quickly at a drive-thru. We then had to wait even longer at the hospital. Tyler's demeanor improved and actually was running around a little eating some ice cream and watching all the fascinating kid's toys in the waiting area. Tony and I were relieved to see that he seemed to be getting a second wind to him.

After chest x-rays he is drained and I am about ready to pass out myself.
When we finally had the x-rays taken the doctor confirmed with us that it was viral pneumonia. Nothing we could do but wait it out, but it is highly contagious so we needed to make sure we were being careful to wash hands and not be coughed on. That is easier said than done with a toddler.

Today we are going to the doctor again for a follow up to make sure that it is not getting worse in his lungs. We are seeing a small improvement in him. He actually has energy today, he has ate a little breakfast, and he has been playing and talking. Please be praying for us he is still pretty sick, and who knows if we end up with this junk as well. 

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