Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Petting Zoo

This was so much fun for the whole family and we had a perfect day of cloudless sky and warm weather to visit the Circle G Ranch.

The pigs were every where! Begging for food of course. We started by paying admission and getting 3 buckets (size of a large butter container) of food. The food was in a pellet form and big enough when we dropped it out the window the animals could gobble it up easily. Once you pay you can drive around as many trips as you like. We had enough food to give to the animals generously and still make an extra trip around.

Since the animals have over 100 acres to run around in they certainly exhibit normal animal behavior.

Also they would come right up to the window to ask for food. We could occasionally reach out and pet a few of the braver deer as we fed them.

Now this guy stayed right with us for a third of the trip around. I don't really like him and the way he looks at  us. He was huge and reminded me a little bit too much of Jurassic Park. Yes Kim laugh it up, but the eyes and the way it walks make me think of a dinosaur. 

We spent most of the trip around the ranch wondering what Tyler was calling a 'Tick-Tock.' After we puzzled over it we gave up and just agreed with him. Then as we walked into the barn and to the smaller petting zoo, after the drive through portion, he spotted peacocks in the trees. We then realized he was calling the emu a peacock. We actually have Tyler and me on video when I come to the realization of what he is saying over an hour later. I love hearing him talk but sometimes we get completely stumped by the most simple things.

This little lady was a sweet heart and I loved feeding her.

The ostriches were in a fenced in area, and they did not seem as friendly so I am glad that he could not stick his head in the window, like the emu/tick-tock that is lurking off on the left side of the picture. He could stick his head in and we had to quickly roll up our window because he would happily stick his head in our car, in the bucket, and try to consume as many food pellets as possible. What was more disturbing was that he would swallow the large pellets whole. The pellets were the size of a large marshmallow. Gross.

I fed this bull a pellet and he thanked me by snotting up my window. Plan a visit when you have a dirty car. You most certainly will need a car wash afterwards.

It was kinda funny to watch some of the bigger animals wait for us to get to them. It was a little unsettling too. This big guy knew exactly which way we were going and that we had to drive within feet of him. No need to exert yourself.

See what I mean, we were within inches.

The donkeys were my favorite. At one point I had three pairs of lips begging for food. It looked like they were saying, "Please, please, please?" I fed them a lot.

Tony was very excited about this red stag. He wanted to get it close and snap a few pictures. Just as he got it within a few feet, my buddies, the donkeys saw his window rolled down and came running to his side. Tony was very frustrated with them, but animals are animals, and an opportunity for food is a rolled down window in their world.

Tyler was much more brave with the small deer. They were very calm and sweet.

This guy was huge, intimidating, and I was not really willing to give him an opportunity to get more than a nose in the window. Then he shot snot in the car all over my face and I rolled the window all the way up.

Yeah, they see the next car and wait for them.

This car in front of us was very brave. They let the animals stick their head in the car and eat out of their laps, I guess?

I really wanted to pet the zebras. I fed them and got them all buttered up.

I let him stick his head in. He was a sweet heart. Tyler was loving this.

This guy could be in a Dr. Seuss book.

This fella was very skiddish and would not let us pet him. I tried and tried but it was no use. His tail was docked and he had no ears. We guessed that he was a rescue.

Then we hit the adorable section of the ranch. The baby pigs were only 3 weeks old and we loved watching them walk around and scratch their butts on rocks and tree roots. They were cute overload for sure.

And this guy was very jealous. Yes you are adorable too.

Uh-Oh... we've been spotted and we still have food!


We had so much fun and we look forward to visiting again later this year. If you get a chance check out the Circle G Ranch website, see how you can support them, or just pay them a visit. 

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