Thursday, March 1, 2012

In the Hole

We went to play putt putt. We really liked this course. It was a barnyard theme, Old MacDonald, and Tyler loved it. He remained distracted and in awe as we went through the course.

I liked this course because it was simple for Tyler to set the ball down and tee off. Of course he had his club and he had a ball too, but I suggested we use the pretty green one that they offered him. We told him to put it in the circle and then hit it.

Okay, actually he only needed to be told where to place the ball and he was doing everything else without any prompting.

He did need a little help from dad on a few of the holes to get it up a large hill.

Getting the ball in the hole was not a problem. He would even hit our ball into the hole. He remembered the color that we each had and as he would take it out of the hole he would say, "Mommy... Dad." He was very proud, and well quite honestly so were we.

There were pigs partying and playing all over this course. Tyler was mesmerized by all the animals and what they were doing.

Of course he posed with the cows and 'the smile' came out.

Sometimes the degree this smile takes is ridiculous, but I don't care it makes me smile, and he is pretty sincere. Is this what I look like? Where has he learned this? 

He is very at home with all the cows.

Now this was a tricky hole, but Tyler managed to get a hole in one. If you look closely for his green ball, I managed to snap this picture right as the ball is falling into the hole.

Not Mommy though, my orange ball got stuck in a gopher hole; not to be confused with a golfer hole. I would like to have got stuck in one of those on the first attempt. Haha, get it, get it, a hole-in-one!

Then it was Dad's turn and he knocked my ball loose and his stayed in my spot. It was really sweet of him. He is such a gentleman.

Near the end of the course, Tyler was explaining to us how the process worked. He would point to the circle in a circular motion and say, "Round."

He would then hit the ball with a nice swing and hold the pose. It was great to see our little golfer make such progress along the course.

Of course on the last hole they have to make it near impossible to win that free game. First we had to hit it over a small hill, down a slope, then hit that ramp just right to cross the bridge into the hen house. Tyler managed to do this, all by hisself, and win a free game. We were in complete shock and so proud. I guess he really wanted to play again.

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