Tuesday, March 20, 2012

His Favorite Toy

Tyler's current favorite toy is a golf club. He has a set of three clubs but his favorite is the green driver. This club goes everywhere with us. When Tyler wakes up in the morning the first thing on his mind is that green golf club. He is not happy until it is in his right hand. It has traveled everywhere with us, and at restaurants it gets its own chair.

 Not only is the club an obsession but also he loves to watch golf on television. He will focus and watch the players stance and then get right up to the TV and try to knock the ball into the hole for the players.

We laugh and we love to see his unique personality come out. Tony and I have talked about the unconventional love he has for this club and we can't really pin down when it happened. He just loves this club and I am thrilled that it is a toy that keeps him active.

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