Friday, January 13, 2012

Tyler's Perspective on His Birthday Cupcake

Oh boy Mom has the cupcake and she's singing. I like that song! I think I will have her sing it at least 10 more times for me tonight.

Oh my goodness my cupcake is on fire! How cool! They went all out this year!

I better blow this out before they finish singing cause I want to eat those sprinkles first.

This is harder than it looks. Dad made it look so easy on his birthday. Yeah finally! Sprinkles!

I'm gonna try the fork first or I'm gonna end up making a mess.

Fingers work better but look at me now. What a mess.

Who cares I'm just gonna dig in, this is delicious.

Thanks Dale for the cupcakes. They are delicious... What I have something in my teeth?

I don't really care cause I'm not finished. I will floss and brush my teeth later.

Hey Mom, do I look cute with chocolate on my face?

You know I kinda feel funny. I think I need to run a few laps around the house.

Yeah it's official, I have a sugar buzz, and I'm ready to run around with Tucker.

Man, that was delicious. It was a great birthday.

Thanks everyone for all my Birthday wishes. I love all of you.

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