Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tyler's 2nd Birthday Party

 Preparation for the party started weeks before. The balloons were ordered, supplies purchased, and cakes baked. Luckily I had help the night before with all the cakes and with the cake pops.

 After Tyler was in bed we went to work assembling the pops. His birthday theme was a farm birthday we were doing pops that look like pigs, cows, and chickens.

 Rachel was enjoying herself. Hannah was paying close attention to the chocolate dipping process.

 We dipped and decorated 46 cake pops.

 It took us 2 hours to complete the process.

 It was so much fun to see how we could make them unique and interesting.

 Not all of them were perfect, but they were all delicious.

 I could not help but laugh when I put them in the refrigerator. The light made them look almost real. 

 The next morning we were busy setting up lunch for everyone. Hannah frosted the cake for me. Tony picked up the pizzas. Everything looked perfect.

 At this point Tyler was so excited about everything, but I don't think he really understood.

 Then he started to beg for cake. He would climb into his high chair and say, "Ready!"

 I think he was starting to realize what was going on. His favorite thing is farming and animals then you add cake. He was thrilled.

 I had already sang Happy Birthday to him for 3 days and he was eating it up every time.

 He knew that all of this was for him. He was getting more and more excited.

 We tried to create a barn cake. It was really hard to do and maybe we should have done it on a smaller scale. It was yummy, who cares how it looked. Tyler's other cake was chocolate and it had our top choices of cake pops with a pretzel fence.

 Tyler loved the fence. He actually played with it before it went on the cake. It is so funny the things that he gravitates towards.

 Finally I was able to get pizza in front of him and told him that as long as he ate his pizza that cake would soon follow.

 He was pretty hungry and really did not want to even pose for a picture for me. 

 He was so happy to share a table with the big boys and eat pizza.

 We had a full house to celebrate our boy turning 2.

 The cake was sitting just out of reach and it was looking more and more delicious.

 Tyler kept pointing to the cake pops. I could not keep him from them any longer.

 So we grabbed candles and told him to smile with his cake.

 He was trying to blow out the candles before I even lit them. 

 I was so excited to see him have everyone sing to him. He would just light up to hear the song being sung to him by me. I could only imagine his reaction from a larger crowd.

 He smiled the whole time. His dad had to hold him to keep him out of the icing.

 His smile was so infectious and he was thrilled to have everyone there singing to him.

 I don't think there is a happier song. He loved every minute of it.

 Then it was time to blow out the candles.

 He did such a good job and didn't even spit on the cake.

He was so excited to get to eat that cake.

We let him pick out which of the animals he wanted to eat first. Of course it was the cow.

After he sampled part of it he was ready to return it back to the cake and try the pig.

Then he changed his mind.

I guess it was too good to put back.

He had cake, ice cream, and cake pops. My little boy was in birthday heaven.

I went to go check on the rest of the boys and they were having fun playing games and eating cake.

After Tyler ate until I am quiet certain he was about sick it was present time.

He received so many wonderful gifts, like this Thomas train. He can sit on it and it puffs little balls that are supposed to be smoke.

He also received a cute little crayon drawing set. It sings while he draws.

He received a jar of quarters from his Mamaw Brigmon. We were all surprised that he did not insist to go and deposit it into his piggy bank immediately.

He also got a Tennessee hat from Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim and a Smokey Pillow Pet from Mom and Dad.

Aunt Angie, Uncle Russ and the girls gave him books. He has me read these over and over.
He had everyone laughing because he insisted on bringing the presents right in front of me, unwrapping them, and then telling me to get what ever toy out of the box.

He received a Playmobil Noah's Arc from Mimi and Paw. He really tries to get all of his animals on it. 

It's just not big enough for all of his cows and horses. He can count to two now so I think I will need to tell him more in depth about Noah and the Arc.

He also got the cutest elephant hat from Uncle Ted, Aunt Kimmy, and the boys. 

He enjoyed trying it out. It even has its own built in mittens.

He received a table and two chairs from Memaw and Papaw Williams. This is perfect for his art and craft time with mom. He loves being able to sit and play on it.

When he opened Smokey from Mom and Dad he had to flip flop its ears for everyone.

One of his last gifts was a guitar from Mom and Dad. 

This was coming for some time. He always wants to play with dad's guitar so we knew he needed one for just him. He played, nodded his head, and swayed for everyone. I think we do have a little performer. Lessons are going to be in our future.

We want him to be well rounded so we got hockey sticks, Uncle Jay gave him a t-ball set, Aunt Joan gave him a tractor with a bucket, and more than I can think of at the present moment.

When I do think about all that he received and everyone that came to his 2nd Birthday Party it really brings me to tears. I try to make it special not only for my little boy but also for everyone that gives and shows so much love to him. Thank you everyone that came to his party and all the wishes by phone, Face Book, and email. It was a very special day for our boy and he had so much fun.

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