Friday, January 27, 2012

Tyler In Church

Last Sunday, Tyler was so excited to be going to Sunday School. We go to the early service so the classes meets after our morning service. It never fails though as we walk in the door he is upset that we pass by the doors to his class room. Every morning we explain to him that he gets to go to class after the service.

As we assembled, there was an alter prayer for a member of the church and we all gathered at the front of the church to pray. Tyler was happy that we were away from our regular pew and sat very sweetly between Tony and me. When Pastor Keith said, "Amen," Tyler's head jerked up and he said, "skool!" We had to tell him no the service had not really begun and that we had to sit for a while.

He was not happy about this at all.

A lady in the church testified and a few other objects of prayer were mentioned. As Pastor Keith adjusted his microphone on his tie he asked if anyone else had any objects or praise before he started his sermon. Tyler whirled around quickly and yelled over the bench, "No!" Everyone laughed and turned to look at us.

I was so shocked and mortified. I could not look up at anyone or the preacher. The heat from my face was so intense that tears formed in my eyes and it was all I could do not to cry, but I was on verge of laughing out loud too.

The next time that I think my toddler, as he is playing with a matchbox car or doodling on a piece of paper, is not listening to a word that the preacher is saying, I will remember he is more than capable of answering the preachers question. Whether those questions are rhetorical or not.

He also understands that when the preacher is finished speaking, he prays, and finishes with Amen. This means that he gets to go to Sunday School and color, eat a snack, sing, and play with friends. That is why, at the completion of Pastor Keith's prayer, my child will yell, "Yeah!!!"

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