Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Painting with Gravy

Sunday lunch consisted of cubed steak with gravy, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and crescent rolls. It was a delicious meal shared with my favorite boys. Tyler dug into the meal, but would not fully commit to any of it without ranch dressing which he calls dip.

Every meal is looked over and accessed and the conclusion is always the same, this meal would be better with dip. As long as each bite has a little ranch he is okay with it. He will actually stick his tongue out test to see if dip is present, if it is he will then eat. Sometimes we even break it out for his scrambled eggs. I'm pretty reasonable and as long as he is eating a pretty balanced meal with his dip I can understand. I rarely refuse to give him dip but sometimes I just can't stand the thought. He even needed his dip for this meal. Dip and macaroni, dip and steak, dip and crescent roll.

He ate and ate. Then he got full which leads to boredom, which leads to playing with the leftover food.

Once he had ate his fill he decided it was time to get creative and start painting his hand with the gravy that he hardly touched to eat. I turn my head for just a minute to try and feed myself.

Then I find him digging into creating a new mess.

He acknowledges he has made a mess. He scans his tray, shakes his head and tells me, "Mess."

Yes honey you are, you are Mommy's mess, and I love you so very much.

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