Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dog + Green Crayon = Gross

"Tucker ate part of the green crayon." I  told Tony after he got out of the shower. He asked how much?

"Not very much at all," I said " I caught him smacking on it, and it looks like he only nibbled on the tip."

After that we all went about our business that day and forgot about the crayon. It didn't seem like much to worry about. How many times have I caught Tyler nibbling on one. Never seemed to hurt him.

Later that night we stayed up and watched a movie, it was late and I was so tired. As we walked into the bed room Tucker, who was curled up on my side of the comforter, let out a huge burp. We laughed and that's when he stood up and gave a few dry heaves and then puked yellow and blue vomit on my freshly laundered comforter.

For those of you that don't know, green is a combination of blue and yellow. The crayon managed to remain in his stomach all day and separate out perfectly into its original primary colors, only to be puked onto my bed and carpet at 11:30 pm.

The smell was beyond vile. I can only describe it to be something more expected from the rear end of my dog.

I was beyond upset. I just had the comforter freshly laundered at the dry cleaners only 2 months ago! The ladies at the dry cleaners thought it was hilarious though. They loved the bedding when I first brought it in, so of course they recognized me. We all laughed, but I was still a little bitter about the whole thing and they were getting paid for my misfortune.

This will be a great lesson for Tyler one day in learning his CMYK color model. It has been a disgusting and costly lesson for me.

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