Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Tyler had a wonderful Christmas. He received so many nice gifts from Santa. He received books, farm animals, blocks, a play mat, bath toys and markers, Play-Doh, socks, mittens, and a Red Sox Pillow Pet.

He also received a Playmobil farm set from Mom and Dad.

He loves his farm set though. It came with hay, and that is exactly what he wanted.

The next gift to open was for Dad and Tyler. It was a helicopter for them to fly and enjoy together.

Since I had the scissors he insisted that I open it immediately.

He was saying please so sweetly here.

Then it was my turn to open gifts. I received a knife set, yummy sweet treats, and ...

My very own Touch Kindle. I have already read 3 books on it and I love it.

Next was Dad's turn and he had help from Tyler. Dad received a welder. That is what he wanted most and I hope that he has lot's of neat ideas to put it to use.

Tyler had dug deeper into his stocking at this point and found beans (jelly beans). Christmas was beyond delightful for him at this point.

We made a pretty big mess in our little living room, and as you can see Tyler is staying put until he eats all those beans. I swooped in and quickly rationed him out just a small handful before he could make himself sick.

Next we went to see Papaw and Memaw at the hospital. Memaw had a gift from Papaw and he wanted to make sure she had something to open from him on Christmas. She was completely surprised.

It was a laptop computer. She was thrilled and we quickly set it up for her then went home to eat some lunch and get a nap for Tyler and Mommy. Unfortunatly the sugar had wore off for Tyler and I was getting a sick. This made for a grumpy duo.

That night Paw, Mimi, and Jay came over to see what all Santa had brought for Tyler. Tyler had 2 more gifts from Mom and Dad so he opened those as well. It was a set of wild animals and a hunter and the other was a 4-wheeler and a man to ride on it.

We had such a wonderful Christmas together. Tyler received so many nice things that I still don't think he realizes what all he has. He understood a little more about opening gifts and the whole process but not what it all means. Next year will be even more fun for him.

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