Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year we mixed things up a little and went to Nanny and Papaw Banks on Friday before Christmas. They are usually a Christmas day lunch, but this year we had Christmas earlier. Tyler received some wonderful gifts from his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He received trucks and a motor grader.

He loved all of them and tried his best to get them out of the packages.

If he could not get it out he would turn and practically throw it at Devan and ask for him to open it.

He also received a farm set that he absolutely loves.

His cousins Trista and Alisha got him fuzzy bear feet slippers. I crack up every time he wears them. He really loves them too.

Everyone was dying to see him wear them, and I think he really enjoyed the attention too.

He was the center of attention and received so many wonderful gifts. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

The next night, which is Christmas Eve we go to Mamaw and Papaw Brigmon's house.

We had a nice dinner and then settled in to open gifts. We decided this year to not get each other gifts. We would just focus on having fun with Tyler.

He had a gift from Mamaw and Papaw. Tyler was concerned about the tag.

Then he tore into it.

It was a guitar. He was very excited he loves music, especially guitars.

He then opened his gift from Uncle Ronnie, Tyler calls him Ron.

It was a really nice grader. Tyler just did not know what to play with first.

He posed for me with his guitar. Such a little ham.

Then he played us music.

He danced and laughed.

He loves this guitar.

We tried to get him to stop for just a minute and pose for another picture but his focus was limited.

He had a really nice Christmas and we had so much fun watching him. Uncle Ronnie was right, kid's do make Christmas more fun.

Tradition then dictates that we go to Mimi and Paw's to open a few gifts together. We have held this tradition since I can remember.

Mimi had a whole sleigh of things for him.

He immediately went for the hat and wheel barrow.

He had to take it for a test run. It is just like Paw's and he was thrilled.

He then wanted to put it to use by loading it with his presents.

As he threw them in he wanted it to bang just like Paw's does when he throws sticks of wood in.

Then there was a problem. It was a little to heavy to push.

He received many nice things that he will enjoy so very much.

Christmas was so much fun this year and I was so happy that we were not terribly sick this year. I am so thankful for my family and all of there love.

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