Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beans & Rice Sensory Play

I love to let Tyler make a mess. Does it make me go a little crazy in my head? Yes, but the truth is he is learning so many fine motor skills and absolutely loves getting to do something out of the ordinary.

Tony and I cleaned out the pantry and found a bag of opened pinto beans. Then I remembered stashing away a large bag of rice a year ago. No way were we going to eat this, but I had the perfect use. A sensory table! I have been getting ideas from this blog called Play At Home Mom. She has so many great ideas and proves that you don't have to spend a lot to entertain and inspire creativity and curiosity in your child.

Tyler had no idea what to do at first. So I drove his trucks around, and told him to find the beans, and then I gave him an ice tray to separate out what he found.

Yes there was a few spoonfuls of rice that were accidentally and purposefully dumped in the floor. No worries I told myself, I need to sweep anyways.

It did not take long at all for Tyler to get his own ideas and start to play without any help from me. I just sat back and watched as he dove into having fun.

He tried out digging, driving the trucks, hauling rice, filling the bowl and stirring, pushing the rice with the dozer, and digging and finding the beans. I even found chop sticks and showed him how to use them to pick up the beans. I think next time I may inspire him with hidden treasure.

I would play with him but he preferred for me to just sit and watch. It was a small box and I can see how too many hands hindered his fun.

After I sat there for a minute I remembered my camera. I tried to coax a smile out of him but I failed to achieve eye contact.

He was intensely focused on his box of rice and beans and what he wanted to do next. This was fine with me. I think the next time I am cooking I may dig this out again for him to play with. He likes to pretend he is cooking me a nice meal, and I pretend to sample his work.

He tried a bean and some of the rice and this was the perfect time, as he spit it back out, to explain that it tastes much better once it has been cooked.

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