Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

One Day...

He is going to hate this picture...

because I will be pulling it out to show all his girlfriends, his friends, and eventually his children.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Ball Game

We go every year to see the Tourists play here in Asheville. Tyler begs us to go back to the "Big Ball Game" as he calls it. It is really funny how excited he gets about the whole thing. He loves the mascots and the games that are played in between innings. I think all kid's love going to a baseball game but Tyler really does enjoy it so much. After we get back it takes a week or so to get it out of his system. All he wants to do is play, run, and slide like the big ball players do. It thrills us that he enjoys it so much.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watching Paw

Tyler loves to watch Paw plow the garden. Of course he likes taking part and helping, but we were getting ready to leave and he insisted that he sit right there on the steps and watch. I couldn't say no.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Time Overnight at Mimi & Paw's

He did very well on his first night out to Mimi's house. He was more than happy to leave me and Dad. I was very sad and it felt weird not to have our little mess maker in the house.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday Nap on the Couch

Dad let him sleep on the love seat for his Sunday nap. Such a relaxing day.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tyler's 30 Month Stats

Bedtime and Naps: Our bed routine has changed recently. You are ready to stall going to sleep whenever possible. This is our routine: First we take a bath, brush teeth, and give Daddy hugs and kisses. Then we gather Teddy and blanky to read. Once we finish reading I rock you and sing every song I know such as Jesus Loves Me, God is so Good, Mickey Mouse Club song, and funny nursery rhyme songs. Once I lay you in bed we pray and usually you want to say your own prayer after mine; this is funny because lately you only pray for your cow Bubba . I then have to play the swoosh game (that's what we call it) with you, which consists of me taking blanky and creating a parachute that floats down on you. Sometimes it creates a tent so that I can kiss you through the crib rails. You laugh so hard that you can hardly sit up as I do this. After 20 to 30 minutes I can finally leave the room, but not for long before you are requesting water and to go potty. You then talk to yourself about tractors, mowers, your day, and sometimes you sing to yourself. Daddy and I laugh in the living room at your sweet chatter and slowly you drift off to sleep. Another recent development is that you wake at 2 in the morning to go potty and request that I sing the Mickey Mouse song.

Meals: You eat very well. Your favorite foods are ronis (the microwavable spiral cheesy ronis), chicken with ranch dip, strawberries, watermelon, broccoli, and chicken biscuits from McDonalds (Papaw Williams has those waiting at least once or twice a week in the morning for you). Your favorite treat is marshmallows; you call them 'mar-mellies'.

Developmental Milestones and "Firsts": Nothing is out of the question when it comes to reach. You can stand on your tippy toes and reach light switches and if you can't reach something you will go find your chair and take it to stand on. You are intensely independent, so much so that you will throw items down just to pick up yourself as you say, "I do, I DO!" You can peddle your tricycle and bike and even steer them properly. You are running every where and jumping too. Potty training is going somewhat well right now. You like to try and pee like a big boy and sometimes you like to sport underwear.

Words and Talking: Your sentences are amazing. Everyday you tell us something new and many times it is hilarious and you will laugh as if you are telling a joke. If I say I like cookies or shiny rocks you will agree emphatically with, "Me Too!" Your conversation skills are getting better and better. Sometimes you will stutter or get a little stuck, but this usually precedes a speech milestone. Singing songs that you make up to simple melodies are another thing that you love such as: Mimi's House, Unc Jay, and Mimimo-mimimo are a few of your favorite songs to sing.

Favorite Toys and Things to do: You still love tractors and all things that have a motor. You love to play with your farm and love to show it to people, "I show farm." You really love your tricycle at Mimi's house and wheel barrow. You also love water guns and shooting people with the water. You are very mischievous and you know what pretend means and you will tell me or Dad to pretend a gold club is a rifle so that we do not take your gun but we can still play. You love to play hide and seek but you will not stay in your hiding place.

Clothing/Diaper sizes: You are still wearing size 4 diapers. You are wearing size 8 shoes and 2T and 3T clothes.

Funny Things that you do: When you sneeze or burp and we say "Excuse you," you will correct us and instruct us to say, "Scuze me." You know the directions to your house, Mimi's house, and church; which has caused you to become a backseat driver. When I passed our road one day you yelled for me to turn around, "Wong Way Mom!" You remember everything, I asked Tony as we walked into the grocery store what we needed to buy, Tyler proceeded to rattle off what we needed (we had discussed this earlier in the day). We were amazed. You tell me that I am too big for your ride on toys, blanky, and sometimes my own bed when you curl up with me (you tell me to go to the other side of the bed).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


He is taunting Uncle Jay with his wat-melon (this is what he calls it).

"See Jay here it is!"

He sat as pretty as you please on the counter and went to town on some watermelon. Notice his heels are perched on Mimi's drawer handle. It is the perfect sitting spot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Bath Tub

I love to give Tyler experiences to look forward too. He lights up if I tell him he can take a bath in the big bath tub.

I don't blame him, it is a great size for a 2 year old and it fills up much faster than his bathtub.

He plays with a cup and I few other toys and has a blast.

He even acts like he is taking a swim and flapping around. He is getting to be such a big boy. 

"Phwim mom!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

He Can Open Bottles of Lotion

In our guest bathroom, which is Tyler's bathroom, I have travel size lotions, shampoo, and toothpaste for guests that forget something.

Tyler can now see and reach into these drawers. I love him so very much but the little booger was into everything on Sunday night. I had already shooed him on from the pantry, after I found him with his hand buried in the pinto bean canister.

I was trying to have a short conversation with Tony before I read to Tyler and put him to bed. He must have sensed that his time was short for mischief. I stopped the conversation when the house became a little too quiet.

We walked around the corner and found him applying ample amounts of lotion to his face. He said, "Feel better... team (for cream)." He must think that I apply lotion to his bottom if it gets a little red because he thought he was putting diaper rash cream on his face.

There was lotion on the floor and on his shirt and down his arm. I had to throw the little bottle away because he pretty much emptied it on his self. I love being a mom, I really sincerely do.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Almost the Same

As we continue to teach Tyler the meaning of words we have had a break through with our 2 year old.

Amen: Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express assent or approval.

Aw-Man: Used to express frustration when something goes wrong.

With our country drawl sometimes these words sound the same. Tyler uses aw-man on a regular basis when he drops things or a toy falls apart. He thinks it's funny because I say it all the time too.

At meal prayers and at his night prayer we end it by saying amen. After correcting Tyler multiple times for using the wrong phrase for this he now knows the difference and will gladly tell us in toddler fashion which is correct.

Shaking head no, "Aw-man, no-no." Then nodding his head and smiling, "Amen, yeah-yeah, aaammmeeennn!"

This thrills him to turn the table on us and explain which words are correct.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tyler's Toy Gun

Mimi bought Tyler a toy rifle. She also introduced him to the weep fest that is Old Yeller. In this movie Travis the oldest son has to take care of the family farm while his father is gone on a cattle drive. Thus opening the plot for Old Yeller to come into their lives. Travis has to shoot the cow, Old Rose, after confirming she has rabies. 

Tyler does not understand why this takes place, he just knows that the bad animals are shot (the rabid animals and the mean animals that attack humans). We try to explain that it is because of disease that it has to be done. 

No matter how we say it, all cows must be shot in his mind. Our family is avid hunters so this is not something that we tip toe around with him. It is a fact of life and he must learn one way or another. It is just funny to see our 2 year old so engrossed in this movie and how it has changed his view of the animals that are on the farm. Even in books if an animal looks angry he will point at it and explain to me that it is mean and to shoot it.

Here he is showing me how to shoot those squirrels off the back porch. He is very entertaining lately with the hunting stories that he comes up with. I love his wonderful imagination and the fact that he is trying to take care of our farm. I will keep explaining the fact of life and one day he will be a wonderful little hunter with true hunting tales.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

If It Helps You Clean Your Plate

I am all for making meals interesting if it gets my kid to eat. I've made a hot dog into an octopus, pancakes into hearts, and broccoli into forests.

That being said, yes Tyler is eating his breakfast with an ice cream scoop.

He picked it out of the drawer, would place bites of egg into the scoop, then eat it from the scoop. I don't care, he cleaned his plate and it made it more fun. Maybe he was pretending his egg was ice cream. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Details

I told him to take his shoes and put them on his bed. Later that night as I was preparing to lay out his pajamas and get his bath started I noticed which bed he returned them too. I actually meant for them to go on the twin bed in his bedroom. I laughed it was funny.

 I can't complain though, he listened to what I said. I just did not get the details of which bed to place them on communicated effectively to my 2 year old. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Yet Familiar Start

Today, I begin a new phase of my career. I will be starting a new position and I am thrilled. I'm nervous but ready for what is in store, I hope. Please pray for me and my family as we now start something that is out of our comfort zone.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family JB Moto-Racing Weekend

Last weekend we visited Carolina Motorsports Park to watch my brother Jason race. He takes part in the Championship Cup Series here in the Southeast. We were running late as usual and Jason was nervous that we would miss his first race. It worked out though and we were able to make it in time to talk with him before he suited up. 

Here he is taking a practice lap and getting ready to line up.

I had never seen him race and it was so much fun to watch him take off. Tyler was in awe of all the noise and how excited everyone was.

Jason had to show off a little for us. He was in first place here and doing very well.

This race had an accident in it and then a red flag. When this happens they have to ride into the pit, take a practice lap, then line up again to take off. This actually benefited Jason.

Tony and Tyler stayed at the fence so they could video Jason coming back around.

Here Jason passes another racer. We were so thrilled to see this happen right in front of us instead of across the race track.

I tried to take pictures of everyone having fun. Tyler had other plans.

Jason came back in after his win. Everyone was congratulating him and patting him on the back.

We went to go say hey and good job as well but it was kind of a frenzy to get his bike set up and the tire warmers back on.

I stayed and snapped a few pictures and then left him to finish his work.

This is the smile of a winner. He knows he's fast.

We all laughed and enjoyed his win together. 

Mamaw came to watch as well. I would ask her what she though of it all and she could not describe it. It was loud and confusing, that's all she knew.

Jason was not racing here, we were just watching all the other races from our shady spot over in the corner.

Tyler with Mimi. He had so much fun running around and playing.

We got to go to watch from the pit area. This gives a different perspective for sure. Jason is number 125.

Once again he left the race track holding up number 1. It was another 1st place finish.

Tyler enjoyed watching all the races and snacking on 'mar-mellies'. That's what he calls marsh mallows.

We would hang out and enjoy the great race weather. It was actually a little cool in the shade, but we had plenty of time to talk about the race and have fun as a family.

Number 1!

This was towards the end of the day. Jason had the last race of the day and it was getting late. Tyler managed to make it through the day with no nap.

By the end of the day everyone was tired. Especially Jay, but we managed a few pictures with everyone.

Jason had 7 first place finishes and ran hard with the experts. He had lots of support and I think that helped as well. If you want to learn more about the races and see more pictures go to

We are gearing up for the second half of his race season and we are looking for more support. Contact us about sponsoring a race along with SuperBike Supply, Hair Razors, Dunlop, Silkolene, and Twisted Images.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

While Reading...

A year ago. Looking at a book while going potty.
Lately, Tyler has been throwing new word combinations our way. Last night I was caught off guard and complied with his request immediately.

After I read a few books we rock, snuggle, and sing silly songs to each other. He must have sensed that I was getting ready to hug him up and carry him to bed. He looked into my eyes held up his little pointer finger close to his cheek and said, "One more?"

Gasp! I Melted! He wanted me to read him one more book! He asked for one more book! It was amazing simple request, but the combination of my sweet boy and the fact he wanted to extend his time with me by one book was... it is beyond words. So I read another book to him with much pleasure.

The only thing that could top that would be, " I love you very much mom." I would have then cried, gave him a big hug, and fetched him the whole batch of rice krispy treats.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Jam Packed Easter Sunday

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we dye eggs. This did not go smooth. We dropped an egg before it was able to get a pretty color. I knew this would happen. Tyler was bound and determined to do it his self. 

This was awesome except for the fact that he constantly wanted to check on how the eggs were doing. This slowed the process tremendously and the fact he wanted to move the cups. Thank goodness we were doing this outside.

I was not happy with the dye though. Next year I will spend a dollar more for something a little bit better.

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny delivered a basket full of golf balls, a toy, and hid eggs with candy in the living room. Once he realized the eggs contained candy he would say, "Oh boy, candy!"

We were in a hurry to get ready for church, so this was a free pass for Tyler to eat candy for breakfast. He only gets this joy on Christmas and Easter Morning. Believe me he loves this almost as much as the toys.

After the morning service we went to Tyler's cousins Easter Program and then ran home to get ready for lunch. After lunch the boys hid eggs for Tyler around Memaw's yard. 

That pink egg in the tree was the hardest one for Tyler to find, but he eventually did. He was shaking the eggs and looking for candy still. I had to explain that we already emptied the eggs of candy. Aw-man.

Not to worry though he was happy to run around the yard and find all the eggs that he could. It made it that much more fun to do so with the boys.

Then we broke out the bubble wand and played with bubbles. Thank you Uncle Ted, Aunt Kimmy, and boys for the bubbles. We have had a lot of fun with them.

Our marathon of Easter festivities continued with my side of the family. We visited Nanny and Pappaw Banks,  Mammaw and Pappaw Brigmon, and Mimi and Paw. We hid eggs and played in the yard. It was nice to soak up the sunshine and enjoy being outdoors.

Tyler was on a sugar rush all day and enjoyed every bit of the attention that he received.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.