Friday, December 2, 2011


I have introduced this bear before. If you have not met him, his name is Teddy. Tyler loves this bear. When he wakes up in the morning Teddy goes wherever he goes. Tyler now likes taking him with him everywhere too. At night Teddy is our story time companion and then once I tuck them into bed I find that Teddy sleeps right next to Tyler's head and sometimes he is snuggled right on top of Tyler's ear and next to his cheek.

Tyler showers this bear with love in the form of hugs, kisses, and sweet toddler jabber. He takes Teddy for runs around the house and hangs him upside down just how Paw hangs Tyler upside down. He has turned Teddy into his own baby. He will make Teddy call out for me too, "Mama." He will come running to me to burp Teddy or give him kisses and love. The sweetness that I have watched over the past few months is just about too much, yet somehow my heart swells and I survive.

This is another thing that is funny to watch. Tyler making Teddy do funny stuff like wave, nod his head yes, shake his head no, walk, fall, cry, clap, or throw his hand up and say YEE-HAW! Where could Teddy have learned all of this?

Oh yeah. He learned it from Tyler who will run around the house only to pause, throw his arm in the air, and say, "YEE-HAW!" Then take off running/skipping to the next room. Tyler incorporates his bear into all that he does.

Teddy is a part of this family and it is incredibly natural to all of us. We about forgot Teddy at Mimi's house on Thanksgiving, going home without him was not an option. It actually brought just as much anxiety to me as it would have to Tyler once he realized his buddy was not with him that night. Tony did not even think twice once I realized that we were missing one of our family memebers. He turned around immediatly retrieved him so that there would be no tears for any of us.

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