Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Present Obsession

Tyler received an early gift for Christmas from his Aunt Gaynell. He calls her Dale. While Papaw is in the hospital she is his current babysitter in the morning.

He was so excited to open his gift. This is the first that he has really understood that he can rip into a gift like this. I kinda dreaded the repercussions of this knowledge. Would he tear into all the gifts under the tree now?

Luckily he has not shown much interest in the other gifts, but this gift has been very exciting. It is the first thing he wants to do in the morning and he feels like such a big boy getting to sit at his desk and color.

Here you see him back home after a day away from his desk he is about to burst with joy. She also got him paper, crayons, and markers. I am saving the markers for another day but for now the crayons and paper are being used multiple times everyday.

He works very hard on his pictures and asks for input and sometimes for one of us to draw something for him. He has also figured out that he can draw on the desk, floor, and cabinets.

Thank goodness I have a Magic Eraser and all can be cleaned up easily. So that he can draw me puppies, sun shine, flowers, and monkeys. Hanging his beautiful pictures on the wall is what brings me joy.

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