Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Tyler decides certain things should be certain ways and that they must stay that way. What do you think in this picture is odd?

It is not the obvious. It is not using the rug as a blanket, although this is a first and kinda odd. It is actually the tricycle and three wheeler turned over. He has started wrecking them and he does not like for me to put them back upright. I tried a couple times each time I was met with a fierce resistance so I gave up.

After I left the room to get my shoes to leave things got a little too quiet. I always get a little scared what I will find when I return. Luckily nothing was destroyed and this is what I found. What makes him think of these type of things? He was not happy when I told him that he needed to get his shoes on, that meant that I needed him to get out from under his odd cozy spot.

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