Friday, December 9, 2011

My Big Boy

Please check out this picture. My kid can properly hold a broom. Can he get it in the dust pan, no, but in this picture he looks completely capable of doing so.

He has turned into a little MacGyver too! Watch as he attempts to turn on the lights with his broom. He was not successful here but he has been in the past and it blew my mind.

He is inches from reaching those light switches. I don't know how I feel about this? Relieved, panic stricken, in awe? Yes I think I am panic stricken. Where has time gone?

The boots are cracking me up. They just make me want to follow him around and take pictures of how cute he is in them. He just runs from me but I don't care.

I beg him to smile for me and he does and it melts my heart! Look how big he is getting. He is growing so long and lean and his face is losing that baby look. I ask again, where has the time gone?

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