Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Boat

We were preparing to go to the hospital to visit Papaw and I was busy getting coats and shoes out of the closet. Tyler dug into the closet too and found something that Tony has the hardest time finding when needed.

Tyler found Tony's cup. Thank goodness he did not use it as a mask or a drinking cup like kid's usually do. Instead, he found a new use for it, a boat for his animals.

I didn't even realize he had it. I asked him what he was playing with, he held it up, then informed me it was a boat.

I know he has no way of understanding its true use at this point, but he has a great imagination.

I also find it funny that in each of these pictures he is concentrating really hard on keeping the animals in their proper place. He is consumed with play at this point in his life, so much fun.

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