Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Tyler up too?

  • Tyler loves pretending to talk on the phone. He is usually calling Paw about the cows or Papaw about mowing.
  • His favorite book right now is Goodnight Moon, What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way?, Miss Spiders Tea Party, Alphabeep, and The Jolly Barnyard.
  • Tyler loves playing with his tractors and barnyard animals. The ottoman has been occupied with a farm for weeks now. I can't bear to put the toys away because he loves them so much and he takes so much time setting everything up how he wants it.
  • He has a baby doll that he makes cry for me (Mama, in a babyish voice), he brings it to me so I can make it burp. He thinks this is hilarious. When he burps her he pokes her in the back.
  • We play hide and seek and when I go to find him he is always in the same spot, peeking around the chair and pointing at himself, and I always say, "Oh there you are!"
  • When we are going to return home he always tells me that he is going to play. He is obsessed with playing. When I pick him up to go potty or take a bath he cries to, "Pay," unless I let him take an arm load of his toys.
  • First thing in the morning when he wakes up, which is any where from 6:00 to 6:30 am, he points to Mommy & Daddy's room and we snuggle in bed as a family and watch cartoons. He is absolutely rotten. After about 15 to 20 minutes he wiggles out of bed, tells us bye-bye, and informs us he is going to, "Pay" nodding and then shutting our bedroom door. He usually comes back in within 30 seconds and tells us to come on and get out of bed.
  • He is broken hearted if he hurts us or even the thoughts of anyone being hurt.
  • Tyler unlocked my phone the other day and started downloading the Walking Dead. All just luck I think? The fact that he unlocked my phone was amazing. I had to get Tony to show me how to do it when I first got it.
  • We have to trick him into eating sometimes by either acting like we are going to feed it to someone else or feed all his animals then he gets the last bite.
  • His imagination is coming out in full force right now. He likes to make barns out of Lego's (with mom's help), and ride fishing poles like they are a horse, or pretend that he is reading to his stuffed animals.
  • I think, that he has figured out how to poop all day so that he gets 2 M&M's every time he goes potty. I'm not sure of this but yesterday he took 5 small poops all day, each time asking for 2 Mm's ( he leaves the & off).
  • He loves packing his back pack to take to church.
  • He asks to go to the mall to ride in the buggy. He actually means that he wants to go to the grocery store to ride in the car buggies.
  • In the car he begs to listen to Clap Clap, which is actually If Your Happy and You Know It.
  • He hid my phone yesterday. Luckily I had Tony to call it for me. As I followed the ring it led me to the basket in the master bathroom where Tucker's dog food is kept. It was in under the container in the basket.
  • He remembers his shots from the doctor. I now dread taking him back for his 1 year check up.
  • He thinks it is funny to spit his food out. I give him grapes and apples to munch on and he walks around the house and spits them out half chewed on the floor. I don't get it?
  • He likes taking medicine. He has had 2 colds so far this fall and he thinks he gets medicine all the time now. He gets upset with me if I tell him he is not sick.

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