Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Rundown

Below you will see a quick glimpse into our life on Thanksgiving. It is not as detailed as I would like but I have added small descriptions to let you know what is going on.

We started our day by packing up the truck and driving to Mimi's house too cook everything. Here is Tony prepping the turkeys to be deep fried (we had to cook two birds).

Here Tony is being thankful while his hand is inside the turkey. Strange place to be thankful, but I am sure it is not the most strange. We did have a lot to be thankful for this year.

This was the first turkey to go in the fryer. We forgot the second one in the fryer and it cooked longer but it was still delicious.

The aroma coming out of this cooker was heavenly. Once Tyler got one bite of the turkey he was demanding more. We did good!

A Thanksgiving tradition for me growing up was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here is Tyler watching the parade and the tradition lives on.

Our first stop was to visit Mamaw and Papaw for lunch. Tyler delivered his turkey painting and we proceeded to eat lunch with the family.

After a quick lunch we went to the hospital to eat with Memaw and family. Papaw is still in ICU, so we wanted to be as close possible to him.

The coffee shop of the hospital was closed for the holiday so we took over that section with our spread of food. We shoved the tables together, but later could not remember where they were originally. This will be one of our most memorable Thanksgivings.  

Tyler loved the whipped topping on the pies and decided he wanted to eat it instead of the pie.

Memaw got to visit with family in our make-shift living room, which is really one of the main waiting rooms in the hospital.

We made the best of it though and had a wonderful meal.

We ate a wonderful meal and enjoyed each other's company. Because Papaw is in ICU we can only visit at designated times for 30 minutes. We got to visit with him twice before we had to leave.

Later Tyler provided us with entertainment.

Aunt Kim had a turkey on her phone that danced to a funny song. Tyler loved it and made her play it over and over again.

He laughed and laughed. Which made all of us laugh and laugh.

I think he knew that he was being our entertainment.

He would study the turkey's dance moves.

He would try to restart the dance, but usually needed Aunt Kim's help.

The joy of such a simple thing.

He would laugh so hard and put his head down. He was kinda mocking everyone else like they laughed.

"Uh Oh! It stopped Aunt Kim!"

And she started it again! This was so much fun to watch. All good things had to end. Tony did his last visit with his Dad and we left to go to Nanny and Papaw's house for our last meal of the day. If you are counting we ate turkey and all the fixings 3 times.

We were so tired by the time we made it here, but I could not miss Thanksgiving with my family. I also could not eat another bite, and I am pretty certain that I will not eat turkey again for a while. Thank goodness we usually do ham for Christmas.

~This Post is dedicated to Papaw Warren Williams~
I am so thankful for everything that God is doing for our family. Please continue to remember Warren (Tyler's Papaw) when you pray. He is still in ICU and he is going to have a slow recovery. Not everyday is good, but we still have Papaw with us. That is a miracle and it makes everything that we go through worth it.

We love you Papaw and we can't wait to show you this post so you will see all the yummy food you missed out on, but don't worry we have a turkey in the freezer and we will cook an awesome meal when you come home to celebrate!


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