Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play Day With Mom

Below Tyler is hiding. Can you find him?

He was upset that I brought the camera, but I can't help it. I needed to capture his favorite hiding place beside the chair.

He is trying to get the hang of hiding but he wants to be found so much. This I am thankful for. I have been warned by friends that kid's can ruin your afternoon by hiding and scaring you to death when they don't answer you or can't be found. My boy just loves to play this game but he only has this hiding spot and he is usually smiling, pointing at himself, and whispering, "Here... Ty-Ty." I love this sweet innocence so much. It is precious.

This is not precious. This is a mess, and even Tyler says it is as he shakes his head in disgust, yet he enjoys making this mess so much. I try to encourage using his imagination, playing with all of his toys, and even making a mess like this.

It's just... it can get overwhelming. Tyler loves it though. He relishes each little minute that he can make this kind of mess.

Honestly it is good for him I think to make a big mess. As long as he know he has to help clean it up. He was not happy to pick it up and when he is tired it makes it even worse. I can not take away these simple joys of sitting in a huge pile of toys, looking around, and finding a long forgotten toy that had been buried. These are just simple joys but they are very important to have as a child.

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