Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creation of a Mess

I used to love making forts, tents, and houses out of anything and everything. I also received recent inspiration from a fellow blogger, Allison of All for the Boys. She does a Fort Friday post and it is amazing to see what others come up with. Now this is my first time in a while so please hang the bar low, but I hope that you see that I have not grown up too much. This day was all about having fun and spur of the moment ideas.

The round whole in the back of the Thomas tent is our entrance

This was right before Thanksgiving. Cousin Adam had stayed the night with us, with the wind howling outside, we decided it was the perfect day to have fun inside. I pulled out all of my scarves, blankets, mops and brooms, plus Tyler's Thomas Tent. Then we proceeded to build this awesome tent that made it impossible to reach my bedroom.

I created a comfy spot for the boys to enjoy inside. Adam spent his time playing with flash lights and his DS game (I think it is a DS?). He suggested next time we use something bigger to prop up our tent roof, like our basketball pole. I told him that maybe he was thinking too big, I only have 8.5 foot tall ceilings.

We soon grew bored with this and decided it was time for a new activity and so we drug out the crayons and the paint. I know! I went temporarily crazy!

Adam painted with watercolor paint and I prepped our next project.

Tyler nibbled on animal crackers and sipped on orange juice. Tucker was not in any mood for any of this but he stayed close just in case Tyler got generous with some food. 

What we created next was so beautiful, and we used our hands and feet. It was a little crazy. I should have set up a tripod to capture everything that went on, but I was being lazy that day and I was still in my pajamas.

We got messy and it took a lot of scrubbing to get all the paint off of our hands and feet but the result was really great.

We made a turkey. I was in such a rush that I turned our feet the wrong way but it still turned out pretty good. We made these for each of the grandparents.

Now let me get side tracked here and tell a funny story that happened while I was cleaning up the paint supplies. Tyler had been climbing all over the deconstructed couch and in and out of the tent. I had forgot that I had left my coffee propped against the wall on the back of the couch. Tyler ran up to me a few times and mimicked how Papaw sounds drinking coffee. He would tilt his head back and say, "Ahhh." I would laugh and agree with him that he sounded just like Papaw. He did this twice running back and forth from the couch. On his third trip back to the couch he dropped the coffee mug. That was when I realized he really had been drinking my coffee! Let's just say it was not decaf and he was plenty hopped up with energy after that.

In this picture is Adam right after he jumps into the tent, Tucker standing on the edge of the chair while watching Tyler jump next to Adam's feet. They had fun.
Then we went and destroyed the tent because that is part of the fun right? Making the mess, deconstructing, to get to the really fun part... cleaning!

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