Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creation of a Mess

I used to love making forts, tents, and houses out of anything and everything. I also received recent inspiration from a fellow blogger, Allison of All for the Boys. She does a Fort Friday post and it is amazing to see what others come up with. Now this is my first time in a while so please hang the bar low, but I hope that you see that I have not grown up too much. This day was all about having fun and spur of the moment ideas.

The round whole in the back of the Thomas tent is our entrance

This was right before Thanksgiving. Cousin Adam had stayed the night with us, with the wind howling outside, we decided it was the perfect day to have fun inside. I pulled out all of my scarves, blankets, mops and brooms, plus Tyler's Thomas Tent. Then we proceeded to build this awesome tent that made it impossible to reach my bedroom.

I created a comfy spot for the boys to enjoy inside. Adam spent his time playing with flash lights and his DS game (I think it is a DS?). He suggested next time we use something bigger to prop up our tent roof, like our basketball pole. I told him that maybe he was thinking too big, I only have 8.5 foot tall ceilings.

We soon grew bored with this and decided it was time for a new activity and so we drug out the crayons and the paint. I know! I went temporarily crazy!

Adam painted with watercolor paint and I prepped our next project.

Tyler nibbled on animal crackers and sipped on orange juice. Tucker was not in any mood for any of this but he stayed close just in case Tyler got generous with some food. 

What we created next was so beautiful, and we used our hands and feet. It was a little crazy. I should have set up a tripod to capture everything that went on, but I was being lazy that day and I was still in my pajamas.

We got messy and it took a lot of scrubbing to get all the paint off of our hands and feet but the result was really great.

We made a turkey. I was in such a rush that I turned our feet the wrong way but it still turned out pretty good. We made these for each of the grandparents.

Now let me get side tracked here and tell a funny story that happened while I was cleaning up the paint supplies. Tyler had been climbing all over the deconstructed couch and in and out of the tent. I had forgot that I had left my coffee propped against the wall on the back of the couch. Tyler ran up to me a few times and mimicked how Papaw sounds drinking coffee. He would tilt his head back and say, "Ahhh." I would laugh and agree with him that he sounded just like Papaw. He did this twice running back and forth from the couch. On his third trip back to the couch he dropped the coffee mug. That was when I realized he really had been drinking my coffee! Let's just say it was not decaf and he was plenty hopped up with energy after that.

In this picture is Adam right after he jumps into the tent, Tucker standing on the edge of the chair while watching Tyler jump next to Adam's feet. They had fun.
Then we went and destroyed the tent because that is part of the fun right? Making the mess, deconstructing, to get to the really fun part... cleaning!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play Day With Mom

Below Tyler is hiding. Can you find him?

He was upset that I brought the camera, but I can't help it. I needed to capture his favorite hiding place beside the chair.

He is trying to get the hang of hiding but he wants to be found so much. This I am thankful for. I have been warned by friends that kid's can ruin your afternoon by hiding and scaring you to death when they don't answer you or can't be found. My boy just loves to play this game but he only has this hiding spot and he is usually smiling, pointing at himself, and whispering, "Here... Ty-Ty." I love this sweet innocence so much. It is precious.

This is not precious. This is a mess, and even Tyler says it is as he shakes his head in disgust, yet he enjoys making this mess so much. I try to encourage using his imagination, playing with all of his toys, and even making a mess like this.

It's just... it can get overwhelming. Tyler loves it though. He relishes each little minute that he can make this kind of mess.

Honestly it is good for him I think to make a big mess. As long as he know he has to help clean it up. He was not happy to pick it up and when he is tired it makes it even worse. I can not take away these simple joys of sitting in a huge pile of toys, looking around, and finding a long forgotten toy that had been buried. These are just simple joys but they are very important to have as a child.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Rundown

Below you will see a quick glimpse into our life on Thanksgiving. It is not as detailed as I would like but I have added small descriptions to let you know what is going on.

We started our day by packing up the truck and driving to Mimi's house too cook everything. Here is Tony prepping the turkeys to be deep fried (we had to cook two birds).

Here Tony is being thankful while his hand is inside the turkey. Strange place to be thankful, but I am sure it is not the most strange. We did have a lot to be thankful for this year.

This was the first turkey to go in the fryer. We forgot the second one in the fryer and it cooked longer but it was still delicious.

The aroma coming out of this cooker was heavenly. Once Tyler got one bite of the turkey he was demanding more. We did good!

A Thanksgiving tradition for me growing up was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here is Tyler watching the parade and the tradition lives on.

Our first stop was to visit Mamaw and Papaw for lunch. Tyler delivered his turkey painting and we proceeded to eat lunch with the family.

After a quick lunch we went to the hospital to eat with Memaw and family. Papaw is still in ICU, so we wanted to be as close possible to him.

The coffee shop of the hospital was closed for the holiday so we took over that section with our spread of food. We shoved the tables together, but later could not remember where they were originally. This will be one of our most memorable Thanksgivings.  

Tyler loved the whipped topping on the pies and decided he wanted to eat it instead of the pie.

Memaw got to visit with family in our make-shift living room, which is really one of the main waiting rooms in the hospital.

We made the best of it though and had a wonderful meal.

We ate a wonderful meal and enjoyed each other's company. Because Papaw is in ICU we can only visit at designated times for 30 minutes. We got to visit with him twice before we had to leave.

Later Tyler provided us with entertainment.

Aunt Kim had a turkey on her phone that danced to a funny song. Tyler loved it and made her play it over and over again.

He laughed and laughed. Which made all of us laugh and laugh.

I think he knew that he was being our entertainment.

He would study the turkey's dance moves.

He would try to restart the dance, but usually needed Aunt Kim's help.

The joy of such a simple thing.

He would laugh so hard and put his head down. He was kinda mocking everyone else like they laughed.

"Uh Oh! It stopped Aunt Kim!"

And she started it again! This was so much fun to watch. All good things had to end. Tony did his last visit with his Dad and we left to go to Nanny and Papaw's house for our last meal of the day. If you are counting we ate turkey and all the fixings 3 times.

We were so tired by the time we made it here, but I could not miss Thanksgiving with my family. I also could not eat another bite, and I am pretty certain that I will not eat turkey again for a while. Thank goodness we usually do ham for Christmas.

~This Post is dedicated to Papaw Warren Williams~
I am so thankful for everything that God is doing for our family. Please continue to remember Warren (Tyler's Papaw) when you pray. He is still in ICU and he is going to have a slow recovery. Not everyday is good, but we still have Papaw with us. That is a miracle and it makes everything that we go through worth it.

We love you Papaw and we can't wait to show you this post so you will see all the yummy food you missed out on, but don't worry we have a turkey in the freezer and we will cook an awesome meal when you come home to celebrate!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Tyler up too?

  • Tyler loves pretending to talk on the phone. He is usually calling Paw about the cows or Papaw about mowing.
  • His favorite book right now is Goodnight Moon, What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way?, Miss Spiders Tea Party, Alphabeep, and The Jolly Barnyard.
  • Tyler loves playing with his tractors and barnyard animals. The ottoman has been occupied with a farm for weeks now. I can't bear to put the toys away because he loves them so much and he takes so much time setting everything up how he wants it.
  • He has a baby doll that he makes cry for me (Mama, in a babyish voice), he brings it to me so I can make it burp. He thinks this is hilarious. When he burps her he pokes her in the back.
  • We play hide and seek and when I go to find him he is always in the same spot, peeking around the chair and pointing at himself, and I always say, "Oh there you are!"
  • When we are going to return home he always tells me that he is going to play. He is obsessed with playing. When I pick him up to go potty or take a bath he cries to, "Pay," unless I let him take an arm load of his toys.
  • First thing in the morning when he wakes up, which is any where from 6:00 to 6:30 am, he points to Mommy & Daddy's room and we snuggle in bed as a family and watch cartoons. He is absolutely rotten. After about 15 to 20 minutes he wiggles out of bed, tells us bye-bye, and informs us he is going to, "Pay" nodding and then shutting our bedroom door. He usually comes back in within 30 seconds and tells us to come on and get out of bed.
  • He is broken hearted if he hurts us or even the thoughts of anyone being hurt.
  • Tyler unlocked my phone the other day and started downloading the Walking Dead. All just luck I think? The fact that he unlocked my phone was amazing. I had to get Tony to show me how to do it when I first got it.
  • We have to trick him into eating sometimes by either acting like we are going to feed it to someone else or feed all his animals then he gets the last bite.
  • His imagination is coming out in full force right now. He likes to make barns out of Lego's (with mom's help), and ride fishing poles like they are a horse, or pretend that he is reading to his stuffed animals.
  • I think, that he has figured out how to poop all day so that he gets 2 M&M's every time he goes potty. I'm not sure of this but yesterday he took 5 small poops all day, each time asking for 2 Mm's ( he leaves the & off).
  • He loves packing his back pack to take to church.
  • He asks to go to the mall to ride in the buggy. He actually means that he wants to go to the grocery store to ride in the car buggies.
  • In the car he begs to listen to Clap Clap, which is actually If Your Happy and You Know It.
  • He hid my phone yesterday. Luckily I had Tony to call it for me. As I followed the ring it led me to the basket in the master bathroom where Tucker's dog food is kept. It was in under the container in the basket.
  • He remembers his shots from the doctor. I now dread taking him back for his 1 year check up.
  • He thinks it is funny to spit his food out. I give him grapes and apples to munch on and he walks around the house and spits them out half chewed on the floor. I don't get it?
  • He likes taking medicine. He has had 2 colds so far this fall and he thinks he gets medicine all the time now. He gets upset with me if I tell him he is not sick.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sick Animals

Lately, Tyler has become a little shy of the camera and tells me no when I take the lens cap off, so that is why I have cell phone pictures in most of my recent posts.

I gave Tyler one of his medicine syringes so that he could doctor all his sick animals. As you can see he is giving the pig a shot in the ear. Yikes! He thinks this is where we give the cows shots because he saw Paw tag the cows ears.

I tried to explain to him that the shots are given on the shoulder so he is giving the cow a shot in the proper area. He is such a good doctor. He even gave Teddy and Tucker a shot. Tucker was not happy about that situation at all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Saggy Pants

These cute little Levi's have no elastic in them. They are a 24 month size. The length is perfect but the waist is just a little too big. By the time he fits in the waist the length will be too short. The dilemma of dressing a toddler.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Too Tired

We came home after a long day away from home. My little man was so tired. He fell asleep just a mile or two away from home. I got him inside and knew he would pop his head up and be ready to play and take his bath.

I was wrong. 

I took his shoes off and talked to him about getting ready for his bath. I pulled his jeans off then went to start his bath. When I returned he had  not moved a muscle. I tried to wake him by talking but he was gone, so I went to get the camera. He barely moved.

He did wake so we could get his bath, but he was so tired. He was more than ready to get in his bed and snuggle with Teddy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tigger Hat

Tyler is a hat man. Because I have been very careful about keeping him warm and keeping him from getting burnt, he always wears a hat outdoors. This is now stated to me by my boy anytime we are getting ready to leave the house. He pats his head and says, "Hat!"

Uncle Ted, Aunt Kimmy, and the boys got him this hat when they visited Disney World. What you can't see is that it also has a Tigger tail. Tyler will gladly wag it for you too by shaking his head back and forth. I figured I would post about this because lately he has got a lot of compliments on it, and well he just looks so cute in it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A New Horse

Yesterday I posted on his imagination and coming up with different stuff. Well this morning he came up with something else to ride on as his trusty horse.

His fishing pole! It even has a tail that he drags behind.

He trotted around the kitchen all morning.

What's so great about this? There are 2 fishing rods which means... I can ride too! He handed me mine and we rode around the house until I was quiet tired of it. He didn't though so I had to hop back on the horse and continue on our journey.

Mimi purchased a new stick horse for riding at home too. This morning, horsey was in the corner while we rode around on the fishing rods. It is just more fun when we ride around together, but at least we have enough horses for Dad to ride with us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Improvising & Imagination

He has a great imagination already. Many times I do not have to suggest anything, he comes up with these ideas on his own.

Here for example is his take on riding a horse. He has a stick horse at Mimi's house, but I do not have one for him at home. As I was vacuuming the house he took one look at my vacuum extension and knew that it would make a great horse.

He even makes the noises for the horse too. It is nice to see that he can have fun with whatever is available.

He can make nothing into something.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Catalogs

We received our first Toys-R-Us Christmas catalog.

It was funny to see Tyler's reaction to it. He passed by it once and the bright colors caught his eye. He back tracked and pointed and let out the cutest little squeal of delight. He then grabbed the catalog, climbed up on the couch next to dad, asked for a blanket to get cozy, and he went to flipping through the pages.

He found trains and all sorts of things, but I don't think he understood much about it. I think that this is a good sign of the excitement that Christmas will hold for us this year.