Thursday, October 20, 2011

Relationship Ups & Downs

Tucker and Tyler have a difficult relationship. Tucker wants to play ball and then chill out for the rest of the night. Tucker also wants to play with all of the stuffed baseballs we have in the house, none of them being dog friendly, so we do not allow this. What is a dog to do with so many stuffed toys and can't play with them? 

Tyler wants to play, play, and play some more, but he does not want to share and takes any opportunity to scold Tucker for taking his toys, "No no Tuck." Of course Tyler wants to love on Tucker too, but sometimes his form of love is just a little too rough and can be taken as hostile behavior if you are a tiny dog.

Observe the picture above, Tucker is cornered. This is after a few hard knocks from Tyler's rough play time. Tucker is scared to death that following a sweet pat on the head will be a fur tug or a scary squeal from Tyler. I was on pins and needles watching waiting to swoop in and save Tucker and lecture once again to my toddler that we need to be sweet to little Tucker, but I never had to this time. Tucker even gave Tyler kisses. Things stayed civil and Tucker finally backed out of his situation and ran to Dad for protection.

Even though these two don't understand each other they love to play together. I hope that as Tyler gets older and he understands more what being gentle really means. For now we continue to test the waters of this friendship and hope that they will be best buddies one day.

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