Monday, October 3, 2011

Question & Answer Time with Tyler

Me: "How old are you Tyler?"
Tyler: "2" (as he holds up 4 fingers, by the way he is not 2, yet)

Me: "Tyler can you count the cows?"
Me: "1, 2, 3..."
Tyler: "2, 2, 2, 2..."
Me: (hmm?)

Me: "What color is Thomas? "
Tyler: "Bwue"

Me: "What color is Elmo?"
Tyler: "Bwue"

Me: "Tyler what color is Tucker?"
Tyler: "Bwue "
Me: (hmm?)

Me: "Tyler can you show me your muscles?"
Tyler: (Pops his arm up, and feels of his wrist, and smiles)

Me: "Tyler can I have a kiss?"
Tyler: "No" (quickly answers but immediatly turns and gives me a quick little kiss)

Me: "Are you hungry?"
Tyler: "Yeah."
Me: "Whatcha want to eat?"
Tyler: "Chip"

Tyler: (in the pantry pointing at the Chex Mix bag)
Me: "Honey what do you want?"
Tyler: "Pet"
Me: ???
Tyler: "Pet!"
Tony: " He wants a pretzel."

Me: "Tyler do you want to take your bath now?"
Tyler: "Shywr" (shower)
Me: "No, you need to take a bath tonight."
Tyler: "Nooooo... shywr."

Tyler: "Mote?"
Tony: "Do you want to watch cartoons?"
Tyler: "Tune" (as he points at the remote then the tv)

Tony: "What's your name?"
Tyler: "Hoho" (he thinks his name is Rojo like his pet rooster)

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