Friday, October 14, 2011


He picked this out himself. All but the shirt under his jacket. I simply asked him if he wanted to go for a walk outside and he was super excited. I laughed because he just had a shirt and diaper on at the time. We told him to go and get some pants while we got our shoes on.

We figured this would distract him for a minute so we could get ready and then we could get him dressed. We were surprised when he returned with pajama pants. Just when you think he pays no attention to where you put his clothes.

The hat came from my closet and he picked it up and wore it because he likes to have a hat when we are outside. The hat usually sits on a top shelf out of his reach, so when he gets his hands on it he does not let it go.

My poor scarecrow looks a  little similar to Tyler: mix-matched outfit, floppy hat, and cute smile. This poor scarecrow is 4 years old this year. That's old for a scarecrow.

Tyler decided to play with all the decorations in the yard, show off to mom, and not smile for me at all.

This hat is just a little too big for him, but he loves it.

I love this child and his sweet independence. He can wear anything and look cute.

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