Thursday, October 27, 2011

Country Boy

Tyler loves Paw's cows. He just loves the farm in general, but he loves to feed the cows. Paw went and got a bucket of grain for the two older cows in the upper field so Tyler could feed them.

After they dumped it in the trough Tyler watched them eat for just a minute and walked back toward the house carrying the bucket. He did it without being prompted and all alone. Everyone else was still watching the cows eat. As we watched him walk back to the house I asked mom what he was doing? She said, "We always take the bucket and put it back in the basement. I guess he is taking it back."

He was on mission to get that bucket back to its proper place. Such a little man, and so very serious.

He was on a roll with doing chores, he wanted to mow next. The boy loves anything that has a motor.

Dad explained to him that it was getting late and that we did not need to mow.

Before we went home though we went to see Tyler's cow, Bubba. Paw is so proud of his little country farm boy. He has high hopes that one day Tyler will be helping him around the farm, but I have to say Tyler is getting off to a great start.

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