Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corn Maze Fun 2011

How I love Fall and all the fun stuff that happens.

One of our favorite things is visiting the corn maze. This year we went to the Eliada Home Corn Maze.

Once again we went with friends and happen to run into even more while we were there. Here is a view of the corn maze, small hay bale maze, and the corn box.

We rode all the tractor rides because Tyler would absolutely flip out if he didn't get the opportunity.

They had a pumpkin ship, pipe slides, and corn guns too.

We did the hay ride first thing. Tyler loved this, the only thing that could have made it better was if he could try and drive.
He was happy regardless.

We then went to ride the barrel ride as well. These are not very comfortable for an adult.

For a kid they are a lot of fun.

They go at a nice slow speed and Tyler was thrilled once again. I was not scared for my life like last year.

When we got back and parked I needed help getting out of that barrel. Once again.

We then went to the hay bale maze. Tyler didn't understand and he climbed out pretty much right when we got inside. Next year maybe it will be more fun for him.

This was what he had his eyes on and he dove right in.

He loved this. Tony commented that with that much corn he would have no problem feeding deer.

It was so much fun to talk with our friends and let the kid's play in the corn. Tyler had corn in his shoes and pockets afterwards. I was surprised it wasn't in his diaper too.

The slide scared me. I was a big wimp and asked Matt to take Tyler down the slide for me. When they came back around though I was forced to go down it because that is what Tyler wanted to do. In the process, I reached up to steady myself and burnt my hand on the railing. Not very smart on my part. I look at this picture now and think ... Why did I not lean back more?

Yes this is a corn gun! It shoots the corn you see lying around in the picture. It was loud but Tyler loved it. This reminded me of the tennis ball guns on American Gladiator.

This was very impressive to play with, and if we had a moving target it would have been even more fun.

It would shoot way out into the field. The hay bales out in the field were our targets.

We then went into the easy section of the corn maze. It was close to lunch and we had young kids, so we had to get through it a little faster than we had planned. Especially since we saved this for last.

Tyler tripped and fell through most of it, but he also managed to find rocks. He always manages to find rocks. Is that a boy thing?

We then went to leave and I wanted to get a few good pictures of him.

It is hard to get him to stand still and look at the camera and smile.

I begged him and got this first little hint of a smile.

Then he turned on his cheesy funny smile, but would not look at me.

Goodbyes were said all around, and Tyler gave hugs and kisses to Willa then they fell down. He left crying but that's how it goes when you have a toddler who is tired and hungry.

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