Monday, October 31, 2011

Living Room Picnic

We sent this picture to dad over the weekend to let him know we missed him. We had a nice little picnic in the living room. I like hanging out with my boy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corn Maze Fun 2011

How I love Fall and all the fun stuff that happens.

One of our favorite things is visiting the corn maze. This year we went to the Eliada Home Corn Maze.

Once again we went with friends and happen to run into even more while we were there. Here is a view of the corn maze, small hay bale maze, and the corn box.

We rode all the tractor rides because Tyler would absolutely flip out if he didn't get the opportunity.

They had a pumpkin ship, pipe slides, and corn guns too.

We did the hay ride first thing. Tyler loved this, the only thing that could have made it better was if he could try and drive.
He was happy regardless.

We then went to ride the barrel ride as well. These are not very comfortable for an adult.

For a kid they are a lot of fun.

They go at a nice slow speed and Tyler was thrilled once again. I was not scared for my life like last year.

When we got back and parked I needed help getting out of that barrel. Once again.

We then went to the hay bale maze. Tyler didn't understand and he climbed out pretty much right when we got inside. Next year maybe it will be more fun for him.

This was what he had his eyes on and he dove right in.

He loved this. Tony commented that with that much corn he would have no problem feeding deer.

It was so much fun to talk with our friends and let the kid's play in the corn. Tyler had corn in his shoes and pockets afterwards. I was surprised it wasn't in his diaper too.

The slide scared me. I was a big wimp and asked Matt to take Tyler down the slide for me. When they came back around though I was forced to go down it because that is what Tyler wanted to do. In the process, I reached up to steady myself and burnt my hand on the railing. Not very smart on my part. I look at this picture now and think ... Why did I not lean back more?

Yes this is a corn gun! It shoots the corn you see lying around in the picture. It was loud but Tyler loved it. This reminded me of the tennis ball guns on American Gladiator.

This was very impressive to play with, and if we had a moving target it would have been even more fun.

It would shoot way out into the field. The hay bales out in the field were our targets.

We then went into the easy section of the corn maze. It was close to lunch and we had young kids, so we had to get through it a little faster than we had planned. Especially since we saved this for last.

Tyler tripped and fell through most of it, but he also managed to find rocks. He always manages to find rocks. Is that a boy thing?

We then went to leave and I wanted to get a few good pictures of him.

It is hard to get him to stand still and look at the camera and smile.

I begged him and got this first little hint of a smile.

Then he turned on his cheesy funny smile, but would not look at me.

Goodbyes were said all around, and Tyler gave hugs and kisses to Willa then they fell down. He left crying but that's how it goes when you have a toddler who is tired and hungry.

Country Boy

Tyler loves Paw's cows. He just loves the farm in general, but he loves to feed the cows. Paw went and got a bucket of grain for the two older cows in the upper field so Tyler could feed them.

After they dumped it in the trough Tyler watched them eat for just a minute and walked back toward the house carrying the bucket. He did it without being prompted and all alone. Everyone else was still watching the cows eat. As we watched him walk back to the house I asked mom what he was doing? She said, "We always take the bucket and put it back in the basement. I guess he is taking it back."

He was on mission to get that bucket back to its proper place. Such a little man, and so very serious.

He was on a roll with doing chores, he wanted to mow next. The boy loves anything that has a motor.

Dad explained to him that it was getting late and that we did not need to mow.

Before we went home though we went to see Tyler's cow, Bubba. Paw is so proud of his little country farm boy. He has high hopes that one day Tyler will be helping him around the farm, but I have to say Tyler is getting off to a great start.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Relationship Ups & Downs

Tucker and Tyler have a difficult relationship. Tucker wants to play ball and then chill out for the rest of the night. Tucker also wants to play with all of the stuffed baseballs we have in the house, none of them being dog friendly, so we do not allow this. What is a dog to do with so many stuffed toys and can't play with them? 

Tyler wants to play, play, and play some more, but he does not want to share and takes any opportunity to scold Tucker for taking his toys, "No no Tuck." Of course Tyler wants to love on Tucker too, but sometimes his form of love is just a little too rough and can be taken as hostile behavior if you are a tiny dog.

Observe the picture above, Tucker is cornered. This is after a few hard knocks from Tyler's rough play time. Tucker is scared to death that following a sweet pat on the head will be a fur tug or a scary squeal from Tyler. I was on pins and needles watching waiting to swoop in and save Tucker and lecture once again to my toddler that we need to be sweet to little Tucker, but I never had to this time. Tucker even gave Tyler kisses. Things stayed civil and Tucker finally backed out of his situation and ran to Dad for protection.

Even though these two don't understand each other they love to play together. I hope that as Tyler gets older and he understands more what being gentle really means. For now we continue to test the waters of this friendship and hope that they will be best buddies one day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sitting on the Porch

My sweet little boy drags everything out onto the porch only to sit and read his zoo pop-up book.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Brownie for Me

 We went to Cici's for pizza because I am a working mother and I did not feel like cooking anything. We also went because it is cheap. The whole point of the evening meal out was to go shopping for Halloween costumes for the family too. This year we are all dressing up as ... I'm not telling.

He had ate really well so I went to get a brownie as a reward for mommy getting through the day and for Tyler eating so well.

 I was trying to get him to give me a chocolaty smile, but I was too slow. When I did not give him a bite fast enough he snatched it from my hand and ate it. He wanted that brownie.

He was pretty wound up after that. As we walked to the car he was buzzing on the brownie. He had each of our hands dragging us forward and saying over and over, "Hehehehe." It was a little scary but really funny.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let Me Explain This

Tyler just got out of the bath tub and was in a great mood running around naked. I usually don't let him run around without a diaper, but I knew that he had gone potty right before his bath so I felt pretty confident about not having an accident.

He was running after Tucker squealing one minute and the next he found his helmet and was running around with it on his head. Then there must have been some sort of thought about sitting in it because he got a little twinkle in his eye and was laughing and laughing as he sat in it.

See he is absolutely over-joyed. I had grabbed a diaper, lotion, pajamas, and the camera because it was pretty cute. Where do kid's come up with these ideas, and why is this so entertaining. I guess it is just the most rediculous things that makes them laugh. He thinks it's pretty funny when The Little Einsteins make it rain bananas too.

It remained funny until... he got this look on his face (picture above) and said, "Pee-pee." He then grunted and passed some gas.

I dropped the camera on the couch and ran him to the potty. All while lecturing to him that we do not pee in helmet, we pee in potty.

This is how things evolve around here.

Friday, October 14, 2011


He picked this out himself. All but the shirt under his jacket. I simply asked him if he wanted to go for a walk outside and he was super excited. I laughed because he just had a shirt and diaper on at the time. We told him to go and get some pants while we got our shoes on.

We figured this would distract him for a minute so we could get ready and then we could get him dressed. We were surprised when he returned with pajama pants. Just when you think he pays no attention to where you put his clothes.

The hat came from my closet and he picked it up and wore it because he likes to have a hat when we are outside. The hat usually sits on a top shelf out of his reach, so when he gets his hands on it he does not let it go.

My poor scarecrow looks a  little similar to Tyler: mix-matched outfit, floppy hat, and cute smile. This poor scarecrow is 4 years old this year. That's old for a scarecrow.

Tyler decided to play with all the decorations in the yard, show off to mom, and not smile for me at all.

This hat is just a little too big for him, but he loves it.

I love this child and his sweet independence. He can wear anything and look cute.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tyler's Red Chair

He loves his red chair. We keep it in the living room so that he can sit on something more to his size.

I would catch him wrapping up in a blanket and sitting in his chair watching his toons.

Then he started getting a little too creative with the chair. He started tipping backwards in it, and then trying to sit it on top of the ottoman or the sofa and then trying to sit on it. It is now put away in a closet until he is old enough to learn how to sit in a chair properly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

12 Calves

We gobbled down our supper so that we would be at the barn by the time Paw pulled in with his trailer load of calves.

Tyler was wide eyed but not feeling so good. He had been running a temperature and I think it was because of more teeth coming in. We were hoping the cows would perk him up.

Paw had promised him a cow so we were trying to pick out the prettiest one and figure out what to name it.

But we were having a hard time. They were all striking and pretty in their own way. We could not wait to get them out of the trailer to get an even better look at them.

Paw and Dad set up the gates to get them into the barn safely for their shots.

Tyler walked around in complete awe of all the noise and excitement.

These two calves were the only ones left from the original herd. I am sure they will love the company.

We had to prod the calves to come out of the trailer. Tyler was anxious to see them emerge.

Once the first calf jumped out they all followed. They found the barn to be much more comfortable.

It got pretty dusty in the barn though.

Here we are discussing which one should be Tyler's and possible names. We could see them much better now.

Tyler was really excited.

They were checking out the lawn mower.

Such a pretty little calf. It kept trying to find it's mommy in the herd.

After getting them settled, we started getting ready for shots and their ear tags.

I had to clean the tags with rubbing alcohol so that the ink will not fade. Helps it stick for some reason. We tag the ears so that we can keep up with each of the calves and what shots and treatments we give them.

Once we got the cows in the head gate. We wrote down which auction number and the tag number given. My dad already had weight and breed information from the auction to tie in with their new tags.

This is where Tyler and the calves did not like what was happening. The calves would sometimes make the head gate bang and would moo really loud. Their distress tore Tyler up. He already did not feel good but to see an animal obviously upset made Tyler very upset. He cried and clung to Mimi.

Mimi had to take him back to the house while we continued to work. He is sensitive and loves those calves. I would actually be pretty worried if this didn't upset him.

He just did not understand the greater good in what we were doing, and neither did the calves. One day he will get it and it will be so much more enjoyable to work as a family.

Here is my pretty little girl. I think she is a she?

Number 6 was given a name quickly, Fireball. She/He is loaded with energy, hard to catch, and wild. Coming out of the gate it would jump 3 or 4 feet in the air. It was funny but we worried it would hurt itself.

No one was happy about the tags. Number 9 had to have the tag in the opposite ear from everyone else because we could not get it's ear out of the head gate without squishing our fingers.

Once we were finished we turned them lose in a nice grassy pasture and gave them feed. They were a little bit happier here. They still bellowed all night long, they missed their mommies, but at least they had plenty of comfort here.

We had to give them more shots later in the week because a few of them got a cold from being transported. They are all doing pretty good now though.

Tyler told us over and over about the cows, Paw, shots, and ears. Anytime one of these was mentioned everything else was, along with plenty of hand movements showing that the cows banged around and him loudly saying, "Moooo!"

This has left a lasting impression for now. We explain over and over that we were helping the cows to feel better and I think he is slowly understanding. His stories about it don't sound as distressed. I don't think that means I can take him down there today and he would be okay with it happening again, but we have to start somewhere.

He got to come back up to the house and take a bath in Mimi's tub though. She did not have pj's so she put him in a small shirt. In his hand is a small plastic version of Rojo the rooster.

By the way, where is Rojo?

Oh yeah! He's roosting on grill for the night. I think this is kind of ironic.