Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Built a Train Track Together

Great things can be created when you work together. We built a cute little train track town. It takes a while because Tyler has quiet a bit of creative control in the process.

He loves to play with the track but I think most of all he wants me to play with him. He will lead me into the room and point at the floor where he wants me to sit.

I have to stay on my side of the table. He did not enjoy me driving my train across his bridge. He would push it back. He was a little bridge troll to mommy.

That was okay though there was plenty for me to play with instead. 

I decided to play with the people instead. I had one man wait for a train. Tyler thought this was a great idea and left me alone for a minute.

Then he intervened and did not let me play with the gas station attendant. Why does a train need gas?

Tyler added the cute stop sign and rightfully so. The trains come off the mountain and crash every time. Bad planning on my part.

This forest was placed here by the hand of Tyler. He also added the jeep too. It is the small touches that make this complete. Now if only Tyler would stop tearing it apart we could play for a while. That's okay too though I guess because it gives us a chance to build another town.

See... He just wants mommy to play with him. He was so happy with the outcome.

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