Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watcha Doin?

Tony and I started looking for Tyler last week at about the same time. We found him in our closet. He was sitting in the floor with no lights on because... well...he can't reach the switch.

This was how we found him.

"Oh. Hi Mom."

I just need to start carrying my camera every time when I can't find him.

He has my hat on and he is also wearing the headphones to a little device that allows you to hear the heart beat of a baby when pregnant. This was the monitor that I used to listen to his little heart beat. 

I have to hide it every now and then, but he always manages to find it. Once he finds it he enjoys sticking his finger down into the foam part that goes on your tummy. I am sure he has permanently damaged it at this point. I am also sure he does not realize the sentimental value of it to me and his dad.

He carried it around and acted like he knew what he was doing with it. We enjoyed laughing at him and his way of looking out from under the hat.

There he goes sticking his finger into it again. Now I am sure it is broke.

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