Friday, September 16, 2011

Spit and Phone Calls

Can you guess what he is doing here?

He is spitting a puddle on my freshly mopped floor. I want to know who taught him this?

Can you guess what he is doing here?

He is making a phone call. It always starts with, "Hey!" Then it goes into jabber that has very few recognizable words.

Can you guess who he is calling?

I bet no one will get this.

He is calling Rojo the rooster. The rooster that lives at Mema and Paws house. He loves that rooster and anytime he gets a hold of a phone he is calling Rojo. When I ask, "Tyler? Who are you talking to on the phone?" His answer is always a sweet and simple, "Hoho."

The call was short and he then went back to filling my kitchen with spit.

Funny fact about spit, it does not dry on a linoleum floor for hours! Boy is it slick when you step in it too. I didn't realize he had spit so many puddles in the kitchen until I found one much later.

I wonder if he would have called me if I had ended up in the hospital with a broke neck?

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