Monday, September 12, 2011

Second Hand Life

Tyler has so many toys, books, and clothes that have been purchased at yard sales, from Craig's List, or given to us from friends and family. I look around and feel so blessed. All of the pieces came together slowly but they fit beautifully.

Every piece of furniture in his room is second hand. All came from his Aunt Angie and Uncle Russ. His crib set has been used by 5 different children; first Hannah, Rachel, Sarah, then it was passed on to Adam, and for now it is Tyler's. His twin bed belonged to one of the girls as well. The rocking chair was purchased at a yard sale and the rocking horse was found at Goodwill by my friend and co-worker, Roger. He refinished both pieces for us as well as doing touch up on Tyler's dresser. Another co-worker gave us a car seat that his son only used a hand full of times before he out grew it.

The truck and blocks in the picture were purchased at a yard sale along with most of his other toys. His train table and all the accessories were hand-me downs. His clothes were either gifts or purchased at yard sales.  If you look in our attic we have 4 large tubs of clothes, a bassinet, a breast pump, 2 walkers, jumpy seat, small swing, back pack carriers and other things that he has outgrown, and all of these things purchased second-hand. 

I don't want to seem like I am bragging. I am just overwhelmed with how much God has blessed my family. I hope one day I can pass on these items to those that need them.

~Sincerely and from my heart~

 I want to thank my Mother and Father-in-law. Their joy in retirement is going to yard sales and finding lost treasure and the things on my need/wish list. They combine the joy of the hunt with getting to spoil their grand children which I am so thankful for. In turn they have spoiled me.

Thank you Mom and Dad for buying the things that could not be found at yard sales or the things that were needed brand new. All the small things add up and you have helped us so much. 

Thank you Angie and Russ, for passing on the furniture to your nephews. You don't know how much it means to us to look at furniture that has more value to us than anything we could have ever purchased in a store. You have gifted us love and sentimental meaning beyond our dreams.

Thank you Roger for all of the work you have put into each piece of furniture. Your thoughfulness is seen everyday when Tyler rocks in his chair or plays with his rocking horse.  

Also a BIG thank you to Kimmy, Tater, Mandy, Christie, Tracey, Beverly, and Gaynell.

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