Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rooster, Train, and Horse

So we went to Broadway at the Beach and I saw this big rooster, a train, and other rides and just knew Tyler was gonna love this place.

We pointed out the big rooster but he only had eyes for that train.

He was literally looking through and around this gigantic bird.

I still don't know if he actually saw this rooster?

He even ran around it while attempting to get near the train.

So we rode the train. Big surprise right?

I have rode more trains in the past 5 months than I have my whole life.

But my boy loves them so for some reason I do too?

I wave and smile and make it the most fun I can for Tyler.

Another new experience for Tyler was the Merry Go Round. He enjoyed it, but not as much as the train.

He smiled and did not want me to hold on to him, so I tried to give him a false sense of independence. This thing didn't have seat belts.

And here you see he is watching the train over in the corner. We are seeing the start of a new obsession.

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