Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rides at the Fair

Tyler is at a height that is tall but just not tall enough. He wanted to ride the train and the motorcycles but he just was not tall enough, yet he was tall enough to ride these helicopters and fish boats. I question who comes up with the standards for height restrictions?

Buckling him into this helicopter and walking away put a huge lump in my throat. I wanted to cry but smiled for him so that he would stick it out and not cry. He was on the fence at first as to whether he would like this as I walked away.

Once it started to go up and down though he was hooked he loved it. He smiled as if he were going to burst with joy. It made us laugh and smile to see him so happy. Subconsciously we are really buying these tickets and putting them on these rides for our own happiness.

Look at that smile. Years from now he will not remember this ride or this moment, but I will.

Oh man! It's over!

Now to these Nemo/clown fish boats. They went around really fast up and down and he loved it.

We could not get a decent picture of this ride so here he is just smiling at his Mom and Dad.

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