Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rewards for Potty Training

I mentioned in the last post he is wearing big boy undies part time, and with that comes rewards. Personally I don't do the reward thing for him going potty, cause well... no one does it for me. Anyways Mema and Memaw do reward him, and that is fine too as long as he goes potty and does not use his diaper or undies. We all win this way.

All of this is going somewhere I promise.

Memaw called me yesterday at 10:49 a.m. and asked if I had time to talk since I was at work. She informed me that Tyler had went potty 3 times already and then came to her grabbed his diaper and told her, "Poo." She asked him if he needed to go poo in potty and he nodded his head, so off they went to potty.

He did number 2 in potty, she praised him for telling her and actually going potty and gave him 4 M&M's.  He gobbled up the M&M's and turned to her and told her that he needed to go potty again. She was thrilled that so far he was still wearing the same diaper that I had put on him that morning, so instead of taking her chances that he was playing her for more potty treats she took him to potty again.

This time he only did number 1 in potty. Memaw laughed and told him good job and gave him 4 more M&M's. She could not believe it, but was glad he went potty again. I think he controls us more than we give him credit for.

Tyler at 9 months when we first started to potty train.

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