Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Last Walk on the Beach until Next Year

Our last day was colder than the day before. There was a fog that kept us damp and cold. This was a perfect day to leave the beach. I always hated leaving on beautiful days. Leaving on a nasty day always makes me look forward to getting home.

Tyler enjoyed his last little run on the beach.

Although there was a weird sand shelf dug out and made it hard for us to stay out of the water.
Look at his cute little footprints in the sand.

Tyler tried on my shoe.

He ran and ran.

He really enjoyed the beach.

Here daddy is trying to keep him out of the ocean.

I'm trying to get him to smile at me.

Silly face.

Playing peek-a-boo with someone behind me.

Silly smile.

"Okay that's enough mom."

Picture of the beach to the south.

To the north with crazy surfers in the water.

Tyler is running here trying to catch up with his dad.

Oops he fell.

He is such a good sport about walking on the sand.

His pant cuff is now absolutely full of sand. I find this out later when we get back to the room.

Goodbye beach, see you next year!

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