Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marsh Walk

In our efforts to fit everything in and let Tyler see many aspects of the Atlantic Coast we visited the Marsh Walk. We got to see boats coming and going and fish jumping out of the water. Their was even a little island with goats on it? Sorry I did not get pictures of that part of the marsh.

I asked Tyler for a simple smile and I get this. He enjoyed being outside and running free so I guess he is rebelling against my pursuit of a picture worthy smile.

Birds were every where, and the fish were jumping out of the water all over the place. Dolphin tours take off from here so maybe next year we can take Tyler. 

Although I think Tyler would be just as happy to run up and down this dock yelling at the boats and pointing out all the birds.

Here he is pointing out the boats coming in to harbor. They honked the horn for him and waved at us. Tyler did not know what to do. I guess he thought he was going to get a ride because he was upset when they did not stop.

He did much better with this picture but the sun was in our eyes.

It was a picturesque visit and we enjoyed the sights. I still have no explanation of goat island?

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