Friday, September 30, 2011

First Time to the Aquarium

The weather was cool, cloudy, and a chance of rain so we had in place a back up plan. Once we arrived our plan seemed to be the same as everyone else's. The aquarium was crazy crowded.

We started the tour with the ray tank. We also ended here. As we were leaving there were 2 girls swimming in the tank as mermaids and adults and children were flipping out to see them. It was crazy. Tony let Tyler sit on his shoulders and watch while I tried to escape with the stroller.

We checked these guys out first and tried to pet them but Tyler refused to stick his hand near the water. I don't blame him. I didn't either.

We went to the shark exhibit next but it was such a tight space with all the people that pictures were impossible.

On we went and we came to this Amazon fish tank. Strange and creepy fish.

Next was the beautiful coral and pretty little fish.

Tony talking to us about all the fish as we ride on the belt line under the large tank.

Me dorking out. Bad timing honey. I might be imitating this next fish?

This is the crazy underside of saw fish. It's mouth is pretty comical looking.

although it looks kinda like a shark with a scary nose from this point of view.

Oh Geez! Yeah, this scares me. I can't help imagining Jaws theme music and this coming at me in the water. This is why you don't see me swimming out in the ocean. Water goes over my knees and I freak out.

I would probably die from cardiac arrest seeing this thing chasing me before I would die from actually being attacked by the shark. Look at all the teeth. Pretty scarey. I would point out the big shark and tell Tyler that the shark goes chomp-chomp. He thought it was funny until we saw them, and then I think even he could sense that these guys were scary.

As we are about to exit this part of the tank I happen to notice...

A turtle and squeel for Tyler to look and Tony to take a picture.

He is beautiful. So peaceful just floating around and enjoying a swim.

Another thing that scares me, an eel.

Another creepy crawly, a striped water snake.

Can you tell what animal is in this picture? Hint they have a bad case of red eye from my flash...

Sea dragons! They could almost blend with the vegetation.

Here is my favorite Finding Nemo character, Dori.

Me and my silly boy at the large fish tank at the entrance.

My cute and oh so sweet boys. Once again we cannot get Tyler to stand still and smile.

So after a long day out and about we bought a pizza and came back to the room to relax and start packing. Tyler brought us the remote, and told us to turn on, "Toon." (Cartoons)

Then we told him that it was already on toons, we were watching Phineas and Ferb. After such an exhausting day we deserved to sit around and do nothing together.

I was packing when I noticed him posing here. Notice the crossed leg, one shoe on, and the nonchalant lean against the bed.

I wish I could get all the funny things that he does on a regular basis but it is impossible. He is so much fun.

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