Monday, September 26, 2011

First Time on the Beach

This was his first time stepping foot on a beach. The sand was a new and tactile experience

With all the sunscreen I had on him it was very hard to brush off.

Getting to water took us a long time.

But once we finally made it there he was hilarious.

His smiles were huge and he loved feeling the water.

He had to try splashing it.

He watched all the people out in the ocean and pointed them out for us.

Feeling the rush of water taking the sand out from under his feet and splashing him.

It filled his shoe with sand, which later in the week would make him upset.

The movement of the water would throw his balance off and we laughed and laughed because he could not stand on his own.

The waves thrilled him.

Then once again he could not stand.

Tony had to constantly hold his hand to steady him.

He would just fall back. He really never realized that he was falling. He thought he was standing.

Here Tony is holding him after he falls back. Tyler is pointing at children on down the beach. He never realized he was falling.

The water tickles and makes him laugh.

Then here come another wave. This boy is hopeless he can't stand on his own.

Tony took him out just a little deeper.

He liked this as well.

Once again here he is falling forward.

Here comes Uncle Jay and Brandy. Jay is showing off with the beach ball.

Smooth Uncle Jay. There goes your beach ball.

First time falling in the sand while wet.

Here is Jay having to steady him. It was every one's job.

Then he finally notices all the birds and takes off.

Uncle Jay and Dad follow to keep him from tipping over while chasing the bird.

Then they finally talk him into coming back and playing with Mom and Brandy.

Here comes a wave with no one close enough to him.

Balance is thrown off and he's down.

That's okay though. It was fun falling in the water and wet sand.

Uncle Jay leads him into the water now.

Then let's him get smacked by this monstrous wave, for a toddler. Notice you can still see Uncle Jay's knee.

He's okay! What a tough kid.

He's falling but gets ready for the next wave.

Here comes mom to get him.

Then he discovers that it is pretty fun to dig in the sand.

We all grab buckets and shovels and decide to dig out a castle with a moat.

Well actually I guess we built a mountain. Our homage to where we are from.

Our pretty view of the pier from where we are building. What a gorgeous day. All but one day was like this. We had beautiful cloudless days. We had been praying for beautiful weather. Thank you Lord.

Tyler loved the sand.

The water started to come in on us.

We had so much fun, Tyler's first experience with the sand and surf on the beach was a success.

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