Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fair Fun

The wind started to pick up and I suggested that we grab a funnel cake and eat at the entrance to the antique tractor exhibit. There was no opposition to this idea.

So while dad got the funnel cake we went to check out the tractors.

These tractors had seen better days but we could sit on them and that was all that mattered.

We washed down our funnel cake with a family size lemonade. You can see over Tyler's shoulder all the pretty antique tractors.

Tyler loved the straw. He loved the lemonade too.

All the tractors in the tent were behind a rope so we could not touch or sit on them. This was disappointing for Tyler but we still enjoyed seeing all the exhibits inside.

We decided to head home since the sun was setting, the wind blowing, and none of us had a jacket. This was perfect get sick weather. Not to mention we were leaving for the beach the next morning.

But we just had to sit on this cherry tractor. Not a spot of rust on it. We had so much fun at the fair, and although we did not have much time to see everything it was just enough for Tyler to see and experience.

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