Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tyler's Love of Water

My kid is part frog. Of this I am 95% certain. He loves to drink water, play in water, and dunk himself in water. I can ask him to show me how to swim and he will lay on his belly in the water and splash around. Last night we caught the last 15 minutes of Jaws on television. He loved it, and he acted like he was swimming in the living room floor...

or was he acting like he was being a meal for a big fish?

I don't know the answer to that right off, but what I do know is that my kid loves water.

If I had not intervened before anything further developed he would have turned my kitchen into a water park.

How you ask?

Well, he is growing tall by the second and he is very observant. He has watched me on many occasions fill a cup with water from the dispenser on the front of the refrigerator. I caught him just the other day trying his hand at the dispenser. Curiosity fuels him, but I got lucky, he did not realize that he had to push it a bit further to get the water. The dispenser is now locked.

We are going to the beach in September and I cannot wait to see his first reaction to the ocean. I hope he gets in all the splash time that he can stand with no Jaws like scenarios. Then when we go home if he is still crazy about water, well maybe we can take a few swim lessons.

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