Monday, August 15, 2011

Tyler's 18 Month Stats

Bedtime and Naps: Sleeping patterns are more set now for you. You will lay your head on my shoulder as I sing you a song. Then I lay you down with Teddy and cover you with a blanket. We say a quick little prayer which you help me complete with an, "Amen." I tell you I will be just in the other room and kiss you. You in turn will smile and roll over to go to sleep. This is regardless of night time or just a nap. Just perfect.

Meals: You are changing your mind on what you like daily. We never know from day to day what you will eat. You love Chinese food every time, and you will eat lots of it. Feeding Tucker is getting to be a habit. Especially if you are finished eating and get bored or you don't like what we give you.

Developmental Milestones and "Firsts": You are climbing on everything now. Nothing seems out of reach. You are tall enough to see onto the kitchen table and most things are within reach. You enjoy sitting on a tricycle and pushing yourself around the house. You are also letting us know you need to go potty simply by jabbering and pointing to your tummy or diaper.

Words and Talking: You are talking and putting simple words together, "Cheese please?" I can't resist a polite toddler.  You are thrilled when we actually understand what you are telling us and we repeat it back.

Favorite Toys and Things to do: You love to watch and ride the lawn mower. You even love the weed eater. When you hear one you go running to the closest window to look for it and then beg for a ride. Baseball is also a new love, which we love. We took you to your second Tourist game and you loved it. Dad would act like you were getting ready to hit the ball and it would help you to follow the game. We had a lot of fun. Now you walk around saying, "Wee-wee...POW!" You are saying Wiggle Wiggle (the bat)...Pow. You also love chasing, playing, and feeding Tucker. He loves getting fed table food, he also likes playing with you too. You now have a new pet/family member at Mema's house, a rooster named Rojo. You love to watch and feed him. You talk about him all the time. You can't say your 'R's yet so you call him Hoho. You also love all things water as well.

Clothing/Diaper sizes: You are still wearing size 4 diapers. You are wearing size 7 shoes and 24 month and 2T clothes. You are now 27 pounds.

Funny Things that you do: Everything cracks us up lately with you. You definitely are testing us and your boundaries. This is usually pretty funny because it is so upfront yet sometimes sneaky. You also realize certain things like funny faces and certain things make us laugh. When you realize one of your cute burps made us laugh you will act like you are doing that again.

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